So many people ask me the same questions. How were you invited to speak at Stylist Live? How do you describe what you do and get paid for it? How do you attract opportunities and stand out from other people on Instagram…even though I have a relatively small following.



I know all the clichés of 'just think positive' or 'focus on manifesting what you want'. But if you are operating from a place of panic, exhaustion, confusion or stress, it can be difficult to move forward. Believe me I have been there.

I know at this point you begin to doubt your abilities, question whether all the hard work will pay off (or should you just give up) and perhaps be in an unhelpful headspace.

In this focused workshop, I am going to help you make a plan so you are not feeling like you are doing all the things. I am going to help you build a strategy so you can get the money flowing again.


creating passive income

What if I told you not everyone needs you 1:1, face to face or by the hour? Creating passive income has been one of the skills I have honed in my business. It allows me flexibility, the ability to scale my business with burnout and create more value and impact. I would love to take you behind the scenes and help passive income work in your business/brand


pricing, pitching, boundaries and closing sales

I don’t want you to give your services away for free any longer. For years, I over-delivered and under-charged. I didn’t know how to sell, negotiate or share my message. I had to learn out to set boundaries and charge my worth. I want to help you do the same.


big goals vs big fear

I know you want to do all the things. You want to dream big and create your life goals. You create your vision board, make your lists and then… hmmmm what next. The overwhelm may set in. The fear creeps by and you don’t know where to start. All the voices of the negative committee pipe up bringing up all kinds of unhelpful limiting beliefs.