Working Smartly

I will always be a geek and a rebel in equal measure.

I would score highly on the ‘geek test’… I love learning, I endeavour to always do the right thing and nine times out of ten I can do the numbers game on Countdown in half the time…well unless the ‘big number’ is 75 :)

However the rebel streak is strong too. I don’t follow the crowd. I don’t believe in a one size fits all and I want to create my own version of business and life.

I am constantly reassessing my own markers of success and here is where I am up to these days.

  • I have built an interesting, thriving, profitable portfolio career to include acting, coaching (1:1, workshops, online courses, events), speaking, writing and podcasting.

  • I want to spend a lot of quality time with my son and my daughter. Before my partner Matt and I started a family, we spoke about how we would ideally create our life. We wanted to continue doing what we loved but also have lots of time for family adventures- these could include going on days out or having ‘slow days’ as my son calls them at home.

  • I want to create a flexible timetable. I want to curate my schedule so it can work for our projects and family. I can be at the nursery party if it falls on a weekday at 2pm or I can be available for last minute filming changes.

  • I don’t want to constantly feel exhausted and close to reaching burn out. I don’t want to work all the time. I don’t measure my success by the hours I spend at my desk. I am always looking for the most effective and productive way to get things done. These days I am looking for ease and flow.

  • I want to feel like I am making a difference; I am part of projects I am believe in. I am supporting clients to make life long change in their business/life. I am writing and speaking about topics that are thought provoking, motivating and full of possibilities. I am making content that eases loneliness or overwhelm; a safe space of encouragement that is there to show you that you can do you and do things your way.

  • I want to create a variety of income streams so I am not reliant on one source. I am naturally entrepreneurial and always full of ideas. I love my in person work but I also love creating passive income. This not only increases my bank account but also allows me to scale and help more people. I love showing other people how they can do this too.

However for many years this wasn’t the case.

  • In a nutshell, I was pretty miserable. I had lost my confidence. I felt ‘behind’ all my friends. I was just going through the motions.

  • I felt like I was always waiting…for the yes, for permission, to be chosen, to be on trend. I didn’t feel in control of my own destiny. Now I know not to wait for it and instead create it.

  • I had all the gear but no idea. I was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to focus. I had analysis paralysis, I didn’t know how to trust myself. I didn’t think ‘being me’ was enough. I was scared about showing up. I had imposter syndrome- BIG TIME.

  • Life was plodding along ok and I allowed myself to fall into the trap that I should just be grateful. Even though I was only just scrapping by, I wasn’t seeing enough tangible results for the amount of hours I was putting in and if I calculated my hourly rate I was probably better off during my student days.

  • I wasn’t earning the money I knew I was capable of. I was undercharging and over delivering. I wasn’t able to afford many of the things I wanted.

  • I was working on an hourly rate so if I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid. No back up. No contingency and always working on someone else’s schedule.

  • Exceeding other people’s expectations, but not fulfilling my own goals. I was a big pleaser…doing all the things for other people. I gave away my skills for free and felt pretty burnt out most of the time.

Since 2012 I have coached over a 1000 people and it has been comforting to realise I wasn’t alone. In fact I see the same patterns over and over again.

Working excessively hard: endless to do lists, struggling to switch off, a business/brand that controls you, not a business that you control. A sense that you always have to be available and be multi tasking to keep up which can be very stressful.

Making money: Undercharging and over-delivering. Giving too much away for free. Assuming not to be paid instead of strategically negotiating.

Focus: Too much to do, too little time. Where do you put your efforts? How can you make progress without feeling stifled by the overwhelm. How can you trust the ‘hard work’ will pay off when you may not see the ‘results’ at the time.

Visibility and marketing: How do you put yourself out there in an effective, compelling manner that feels like you. You don’t have to have a fancy video on your home page of your stepping onto a helicopter :) Confidence, pressing publish, showing up as you or putting yourself out there can be all kinds of triggering.

Growing: How to work on your business rather than within it. Sometime the inbox, daily content and general admin can suck all our time, leaving no room for creativity, attracting new business or opportunities or taking things to the next level.

I firmly believe it is time for a new way. This is not a one size fits all version. This is about you.

I spent so many years trying to figure it out. I didn’t have a blue print to follow as no one was talking about self employment or entrepreneurship in the 90s in a Northern comprehensive school.

My work is hugely practical. I know you are busy and I know you need results. As much as you would like a self discovery trip to Bali, it may not be feasible at this time.

When I began this process for myself I wasn’t living my best life in abundant conditions drinking green juice. I was tired and working full time, I didn’t have much cash to invest to get the help I needed and I didn’t really know anyone who was doing (and making money) what I want to do.

So I had to start small:

WS slide 4.png

Even doing this exercise started to shift things. It felt really lovely to move all the spinning thoughts from my head onto the paper in front of me. However as soon as I did, fear set in.

It now felt real. I knew I had to do something about it. I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I could continue to whinge but I knew that wasn’t going to help matters.

It turns out, I didn’t need to worry so much. I broke down the big old pieces and….

WS SLIDE 5.png

As I reflect on that time, I feel so proud of myself.

However what I notice is that didn’t take extraordinary action. I didn’t have to change everything overnight.

In fact, the first thing I did was simply decide and made a commitment to make it happen. I said to myself that I was no longer available for anything less.

I didn’t wait until 1st January. Or until I knew all the answers. I simply made the decision to figure it out. My mentor Marie Forleo shares this wonderful phrase

‘Everything is figureoutable’ - it is one I come back to daily.

Every few months, I expand again. It is all a work in progress and I am far from perfect.

It doesn’t take a 10 year plan to see incredible change… even a few days, weeks, months can dramatically change your business. The changes I have seen haven’t materialised by accident. I have made some bold moves. I became very strategic, I put myself out there. I received lots of ‘Thanks but no thanks’ and a lot of ‘non replies’.

I know you have big dreams too. I know you want to create a life full of all the elements that feel like you, that suit your personality and your circumstances.

I have a love/hate relationship with the self development world- I love the options and the inspiration it provides. The digital world and the introduction of the internet has transformed the way many of us can run our businesses and lives.

However too often I see ‘dream lives’ looking very similar. Exotic travel, first class flights, big designer shopping bags and yes I like all of those things too.

Your ‘dream life’ may look completely different- all you need to do is to commit to your version.

WS SLIDE 7.png

(Obviously I still feel about 17 and a half in my head)

WS SLIDE 8.png
WS SLIDE 9.png

I have found a way to make peace with these mistakes and reframe them as ‘lessons’…through the ugly cries :)

These days I do believe I had to go through all of these stages as I know first hand what those sensations and tricky times look and feel like. If you are experiencing any of those, I understand and I can assure you there will be a way to move forward.

ws slide 10.png

This is truly your time to shake things up and step up to the next level. There is no need for you to feel stuck, broke, overwhelmed and overstretched. It all starts by knowing what you want.

Sarah Garner testimonials.png
Hayley Lewis testimonial.png

Here’s how we can transform your business:


I like to start here so we can see what is working and what isn’t and what is the best route forward. Imagine you have squeezed into a parallel parking situation… you have a good look around in all your mirrors and windows before you set off… you don’t just wang into first gear, slam on the accelerator and hope for the best.


It is crucial that you build the life and business that is right for you. So often I have worked with clients who simply replace their corporate job with their passion gig and then alarmingly realise they have no freedom, flexibility or cash flow. We do some deep work here and it will be great way of aligning everything.


This module will help you step into the next version of yourself in an easy and practical way. So often, we believe we won’t be able to do things until we are a certain way. We can in fact begin now and will be much easier than you think. Slow and steady action…


For me ‘success’ is never about working every hour… I used to listen to those entrepreneurs talking about how they ‘smashed’ their goals by getting up at 4am and working at peak performance until 11pm. Most them often claimed to have families too…

I want you to have space in your life to do all the things that make you happy and fulfilled. I want to show you how you can bring ease and flow and simplicity in your business.

Ingrid Fernandez testimonial.png

Yikes, this has been the most game changing piece of my business…working consistently on my mindset. When I was a curly haired ginger girl at school, there certainly wasn’t a ‘dream big’ mentality. More like ‘keep your head down, your mouth shut, your voice shushed and blend in’

I know we should all be resilient to what has gone on before…however it can be difficult as many words, situations, ‘feedback’ is ingrained deep within us and becomes part of our character… whether we consciously know it or not.

Here I will help you gently unpick stories or beliefs that are no longer matched or serve you and find ways to reframe them in a way that feels good.


This is a great opportunity to do an analysis of how your ‘in person’ business is working. There may be a few surprises along the way. Again it is the perfect opportunity to uplevel, increase your prices and create more impact whilst maintaining ease and flow.


I don’t just want you to earn income that requires you to be in the room. In fact a consistent flow of passive income is pretty game changing. This module will provide plenty of inspiration and a selection of options to support you to build a comprehensive plan of action.


The prospect of ‘sussing technology’ can be so stifling- where to start? Will it work? Will it be manageable? Often we can carry the belief of ‘I would never be able to do that’ but as with lots of my work, I will help you to simplify and work through methodically.

Amanda Appiagyei testmonial.png

I see a lot of copy cats in the industry…those who are simply following a framework. What I want to help you to do is to identify what your truth USP is. Being generic in a busy online world is no longer going to cut it… I know this can seem a huge task especially as we can think everything has been done before. Don’t worry it hasn’t and there will be so many people who will be thrilled to hear directly from you.


Creating leads, customers and connections can challenge parts of our personality. We don’t want to feel like we are being sleazy or salesy. Don’t worry you won’t become either. This is about being genuine, authentic, of service and doing business your way.

Here we will focus on scalability; gaining leverage but maintaining a manageable business. We will be looking at your foundations, how you can build, where you need help and what is unnecessarily eating up your time, efforts or energy.


Finally I want to help you to create a framework that will enable you to step into the next chapter. We need your voice, your flavour, your expertise, your skills, your knowledge. We can all assume someone else will be chosen. However my friend, I believe it is your time :)


If you have any specific questions about this, just email me here


How it works:

The whole course is live and waiting for you. You have lifetime access to all twelve modules. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You are welcome to work through chronologically or dip in and out as when you need it.

There are two options. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I am due to have my baby at the end of the summer so I will be going through the process with you. I will be sharing my techniques and supporting you every step of the way.

Option One: This is perfect if you want to work alone, at your own pace.

What you get:

  • Full access to the 12 module course that will transform your business and the way you work.

  • Free access to my Let’s Get Visible course which usually sells for £97

  • Free access to my ‘Creating my creative menu’ course showing you the exact steps I took to land Stylist live

Option Two: Self study plus 1:1 session plus unlimited accountability

  • All of the below from option one

  • Full access to the 12 module course

  • Free access to my Let’s Get Visible course which usually sells for £97

  • Free access to my ‘Creating my creative menu’ course showing you the exact steps I took to land Stylist live


  • A one and a half session, 1:1 with me. I will send you some pre work in advance so we maximise our time together. (Valid for 6 months from date of purchase).

  • Unlimited email support and accountability for two weeks after the session. I want you to gain mega results and for you to know that I have your back. So you can use the support to send me web pages ‘Nicky, I have rewritten my ‘about’ page- what do you think’ or you want to rework your 1:1 offerings or discuss an idea for an online course or launch a creative project such as a podcast. Equally email/voice note support is mega for actually doing the work…you can easily buy the course, but I want you to get results. I want to hear your wins or virtually hold your to do list so you can bravely do what you say you are going to do or know you have someone to turn to if old limiting beliefs start to creep in and you get the fear.

Option two face to face work will begin again in September 2019. You are welcome to purchase now and I will be in touch to book a mutually convenient time.


How do I access the course?

During payment you will create log in details. Once the payment has been received, you will receive an email confirming the details.

If you choose option two, please use the contact page to book your session with Nicky.

Any technical issues, please get in touch via the contact page (please allow 24 hours for a reply).

If the course is not for me, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not, all sales are final as all materials are instantly accessible.

How long do I get access to the content?

You have access to the content as long as the course is in existence. No hurry to do everything in a couple of weeks.