I really want to make 2017 (and beyond!) my year. At the beginning of the year I set myself some huge goals, some of which absolutely terrify me and I have no idea how I will make them happen. The details are not important. All you need to know is I am going to the next level this year and I imagine because you are reading this want to do this too.

I know this is totally possible. I am experienced, willing to learn, keen to work hard, can easy focus and put my head in a success mindset.

But here is the secret. I am a introvert. Yep, that's right... no big, crowded clubs for me (living room dancing is much more my jam!) or finding me doing 'actory things' all over the shop. I am so much better (and more 'me') in a small group, one on one is even better 1:1 even better.

However I am a personal brand and a small business so have to put myself out there. I am strategic, ambitious, focused and a little bit scared. In the world of business, it doesn't necessarily matter if you are an introvert or not; can you do the job? 

If you are an introvert, you still have to connect and increase your presence and your visibility. Plus my guess is you want to earn more money, gain customers, welcome more fans, open doors and attract more amazing opportunities.

My course for 'Introverts going to the next level' is now live and I would love you to join me. 

It is all online. You can work from the privacy of your sofa...not grim conference centre rooms or bad coffee breath in awkward group work. 

You can get all the details and instant access >>>>> here

To received £30 off the course, once you have set up a user name and password, please use this link to make the payment with the discount. *SECRET LINK*

Have a look and hope to see you soon, 

Big love Nicky XX