My Top Ten Golden Rules for Actors for 2016.png

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5) Be exceptional. 

Don’t be mediocre. Your efforts will be noticed and will pay off. 

6) Prepare and research. 

Don’t rest and assume you know already. The industry is constantly changing, so it is important you do too. 

7) Communicate

Say what you mean. Don’t assume you will be understood. Be clear and intentional. 

8) There should be more to your life than just acting.

Yes, love and commit to your acting, but don’t ignore the rest of your life. A full home and personal life will nourish your career. 

9) Track and write it down. 

Keep regular records of the action you are taking and the progress you are making. Knowing how far you are moving forward will be a great incentive to keep moving forward.

10) Make it happen. 

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