Are you bored waiting for the phone to ring?

Frustrated that your acting career is not at the level you want it to be?

You have come to the right place...

This not going to teach you how to act or remember lines.

But will support you through the BUSINESS of being an actor!

You were meant to read this...

I'm Nicky and I have been in the industry for over 25 years and I thrilled to be partnering with Surviving Actors for the summer of 2017. 

 I am an actor, writer, speaker and coach. Plus I have also been an agent, written for The Stage and the resident monthly columnist for Surviving Actors.

I meet many actors at various stages of their career and no matter how 'successful' he or she is, the most common question I hear is 'I don't know what to do'

There is a sense as an actor that you are in limbo...waiting for phone to ring, hoping your agent will open doors for you and then crossing all your fingers (and toes) that you will get the job.

If you have been feeling a little lost or things have been quiet or just want to put yourself back in the drivers' seat of your career, this is the course for you.

The Truth

I created this course because I haven't found it yet. Over the years, there have been many times where I have felt confused, disheartened and deflated.

The months have gone by with no contact with my agent and even more time since I got a job.

I began to doubt myself. To question my ability. To seriously consider 'giving up my dreams' and heading over to the world of sensible jobs, reliable incomes and slightly gross office wear.

But I have kept going. Why? Because I know I am supposed to do this. Because I love it.

(As you have come from Surviving Actors, full access to the course is a one off payment of £39.50. You will receive immediate access to all the content. Plus be notified of the next in person meet up)

What is it? 

This is a ten module online course packed full of videos, audios, pdfs and workbooks (plus lots of surprise bonuses along the way) to help you create the career you have always dreamed off.

This is the training, motivation and strategy that you have been waiting for.

Plus as a free bonus as a member you get invited to my FREE monthly face to face meet ups

where I work with you 1:1 in person. 

(And as you have come to this page directly from Surviving Actors, you instantly get a discount of £30!)

We will cover the practical elements in detail e.g not just saying 'You need a good headshot' so many of the pointless workshops I have attended,

 but instead I give you a step by step, depth process to follow to create a headshot that is going to work for you.

I will help you to create a strategy that you can easily follow. I know you have enough going on outside of acting so I will be sharing ways you can work smartly not just hard and help you to be time and money effective.

I am going to be helping you with your mindset, your confidence and sharing tried and tested techniques that you can use to quickly snap into 'I've got this' even when you don't feel you have.

Finally connecting the dots and sharing all my behind the scenes knowledge... stuff as the actor you usually have no idea about. I will cover how to best work with you agent, how to open the 'right' doors' for you and how to get AMAZING RESULTS

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The breakdown of the course


Module One - How to step back into the drivers' seat of your career

Module Two - The Dream | Getting clear on what you want so you can build a strategy to get there

Module Three - Where are you now? How to use your current position to move you to a place of success and quickly!

Module Four - Mindset for Success | Creating amazing habits, behaviours and a mindset that is going to make you stand out, surpass the competition and your own expectations.

Module Five - Honing your craft | How to maximise the time and money you have available to get the jobs you want.

Module Six - Agents | (P.S This is a biggie and I will be sharing all my behind the scenes knowledge)

Module Seven - Online and Offline presence | Building your brand so you are memorable, marketable and the 'go to' person

Module Eight - Casting and getting the job | Building the fundamentals and working with your agent and casting directors and not against.

Module Nine- Building your portfolio | How to create a set of amazing headshots, an unstoppable CV and an unforgettable showreel

Module Ten- Taking your career to the next level | Tips, strategies and actions you can take NOW to accelerate your career.

(Simply set up an account i.e. your log in details and password, you will then get an email from Member Space. Confirm your email address,  make the payment and you will gain immediate access to all the content)

(As you have come from Surviving Actors, full access to the course is a one off payment of £39.50.

You will receive immediate access to all the content. Plus be notified of the next in person meet up)

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