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success toolkit for actors

I couldn’t find this so I created it. Combining my 25 years as an actor, 5 years as a London agent and coaching over 1000 people as a Personal Performance Coach, here is the framework you’ve been waiting for. I know so many struggle with knowing ‘what to do’ between acting jobs or how to actually create the career you’ve dreamed of. I also tackle earning money between jobs, staying creative and being flexible and aligned with the last minute nature of the industry.

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If you are feeling lost, confused, demotivated or directionless, it is ok. You are not the only one. Whether you you need to get out of the funk and make a plan going forward or you want to go to the next level, I can help. I have worked with graduates straight from drama school to those who are making a move into mainstream TV or moving to Hollywood. The sessions are 1:1 for an hour and a half- available online or in North London. As part of this package, you also get access to the above Success Toolkit and a week of email support to continue accountability. Investment: £250. Contact me below for availability/waiting list


be ready for your lucky break - audio version

I wrote my book in 2014, again it was something that I was missing. I didn’t want to be told to just think positively or just wait and see. I wanted to know how to build a strategy and a plan of action. The audio is almost 5 hours long and covers your strategy, mindset, castings, casting directors, agents, your portfolio, contacting industry professionals to mention a few.


all about agents

How to change agents. How to nurture a successful relationship. How to get an agent in the first place. I know the world of agents can seem overwhelming and a hidden world. However having been one, the process of ‘standing out and being called in for a meeting’