The Personal Brand Plan for Parents: perfect for freelancers and small businesses

Do you work for yourself?

Would you say life is generally pretty busy, one big juggle and you regularly feel pretty stressed?

Money wise

Do you feel annoyed that you are either in feast or famine; always looking for people who will ACTUALLY PAY YOU for your brilliance and pay on time?


In terms of time, I imagine every hour counts. You regularly try to get all the things done but life can be tricky to compartmentalise and not everything can be placed on a tick list.

You need to create time for work, family, your partner, your kids... oh and sleep, perhaps an hour to yourself to have a bath and a glass of wine and just five minute peace to do absolutely nothing but BREATHE.

Are you a busy working parent?

Maybe like me you have always been freelance and so being a parent is just adding another element to the mix (obviously the greatest, craziest, busiest element of all time).

Or perhaps your previous career didn't work with life as a parent so you have broken out and going at it alone.

It feels there has never been a better time to be freelance and a working parent; the best of both worlds eh?

There are amazing benefits; being your own boss, making your work work with your lifestyle and kids, being your own creative force (no constant emails to those above you to sign stuff off) and not having a limit on your earning

Although flexible, if we are honest there are some disadvantages; inconsistent income, never really switching off, not having any office mates or support. Plus you can feel like you are always working. 

If you have read the above and said ‘Yep, yep, yep, yep’. You are not alone. So many of my clients are the same, PLUS I have experienced many of the above too. 

I am an actor, coach, writer and speaker; often juggling multiple projects and for much of the time; a one woman band. To add to the mix as I write this I am anticipated a summer of solo parenting my 20 month old (on and off) as my partner is going on tour. So yep, life is busy. It was before but now as a mum there are other factors; sleep deprivation and less time. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

On a positive note, I have more clarity about my life. I charge well for my services. I only do projects that I love. I choose my work hours. I have lots of time at home. I have learnt how to do the hustle so I can elevate my ‘personal brand’ (grr sorry for saying personal brand) and open the doors I wish to...

When I became a parent, I wanted to:-

  • A way to combine my passions; to spend most of my time doing stuff that made me feel good

  • A flexible working situation where I could work for myself. Where I could choose and create my own hours. Where I could be open to possibility and opportunity. 

  • Where I could actually enjoy my life and earn great money to do whatever I wanted. I was bored of struggling and playing small doing stuff that wasn't meant for me. I am a big geek and rebel in equal measure...I love learning but I like to add my own twist on it. 

  • I wanted to be a mother and be present. To not just spend my life stressed, busy and wiping (definitely didn't anticipate the amount of wiping) but to actually enjoy family life; to go on adventures and create buckets of joy in my life (the miserable, box set version of me isn't particularly entertaining...but I often have a fantastic array of comfort food!)

Over the years, I have invested a lot of money in myself. I was joking to my Dad the other day how different/easier life would have been if I had done business studies A level instead of Sociology.

As a creative person, my creative skills were honed but I had no idea, like so many others how to actually run a business and effectively market myself.

I trained as Personal Performance Coach (certified by the Coaching Academy) which then welcomed writing and speaking opportunities. The course itself was amazing but again I didn't know how to hustle, pitch, charge well, market myself and share my message so I stood out in the market place.

Now I do, but that has taken a lot of trial and error. I'm sure you have been there too.

We are all good at what we do but it is the OTHER STUFF that can be tricky. Plus when you have been up since 5:07am the last thing you want to be is visible on Insta stories.

The thing is most freelancing parents need this help and support (my clients request it all the time) but there is very little training out. Or if there is there is just one way presented. However as you will know there are so many variables to life; what is going to work for one family is not going to work for another. 

I have (as I'm sure you have) been to oodles of social media talks and watched video trainings on how to build a sales funnel.

Or come across a video on Facebook of 'How I went to 7 figures in 6 months by just working two hours per day from my sun lounger overlooking the Indian Ocean' where all you have to do is give your email address to receive the tried and tested formula.

However you may not want to build a 7 figure business. You may just want to match your previous income. Or have enough disposable income to pay for two holidays with the kids per year.

Or you may want to dream big; several houses, multiple income streams aka an empire, big blingin' jewellery etc etc.

Either is great. As I always say to my clients, it is all about creating success on your terms.

You can attend as many 'tech talks' as you like, BUT if you don't have the stuff I am going to share with you in place you will struggle to be in business.

So here's what might be happening...

  • You know what you want i.e. to work for yourself and be around to see your children but what about the other stuff…what you want for your life? You haven't had time to plan very far ahead because you are stuck in the daily grind of fighting fires.

  • You are stuck in your business. Hardly having time to clear your inbox, let alone grow your business to the status you want and execute all of your creative ideas. 

  • You need a plan…sometimes minutes/hours can pass you by and you get to the end of the week and question whether it was all worth it as what did you ACTUALLY achieve

  • There are last minute deadlines, there is never enough time. There are all nighters. The day is fuelled by chocolate and coffee. You are exhausted and know this isn't sustainable but you don't have floating money to invest in the help you need to grow. 

  • You need a slight intervention. An opportunity to reflect what is working/what isn’t in your life. Perhaps it is time to switch things up; more childcare, more help, better boundaries or redefining your services. 

  • You want consistent income. Month in month out. Income that is going to pay for your time, your expenses, your childcare but also pay you enough to do the stuff you want to do in life… ( and not just be enough to buy a shampoo that isn’t on offer)

  • You want to uncover your limiting beliefs. That sneaky bugger confidence (always pops up), the old stories that make you doubt yourself, the reasons why you are playing small and not putting yourself out there…even though your competitors are less experienced and less talented than you but getting more success. 

Why did I want to create this ?

  • Because I know you are brilliant at what you do but just need some help to expand

  • You have oodles to do; social media, emails, accounts, admin, making stuff happen and then of course the chargeable service. Your TO DO list is endless.

  • I know how hard it is to be a one woman band; demanding, busy and frustrating at times. 

  • It is great being your own boss but there are no rules… 'Er sooo what shall I do today?' *feels totally overwhelmed and wants to crawl under the duvet and scroll through Twitter*

  • Sometimes we are great at our chosen skill i.e being a life coach but when I trained I had no idea how to truly make money from it. To run as a business. To step into a personal brand. I was clueless, a bit scared and to be honest felt a bit weird saying I was a life coach...I didn't want people to think I thought I was a guru...

  • When you don’t know what the next step is, it is terrifying. Then you start a circle of …uncertainty …. to procrastination…to self doubt…to fear (how I am going to pay the bills ) to hustling (right I am going to email all my clients and share my packages) but then you don’t want to look desperate… and then we are back to overwhelming and terrifying. It is exhausting and unnecessary.

  • To help you manage expectations and help you figure out 'wiggle room' whilst over delivering but not over promising or under charging.

  • So you don't play down or apologise for what you do. 'Er can I charge for this...will people think I am rubbish?' Yes and No. 'I'm not ready, I need to do 17 more self development courses' No. You are ready

  • Get back some time for you. This is all about working smartly not just hard. Hey, you never guess what you could even have a social life :) 

  • Just because you may have 'baby brain' doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you. We do. In fact, we need your voice and your contribution so please share what you have. 

So what it is? 

This course is going to help you rock the next 6 months ahead and beyond.

More money. More time. More clients. More exposure. More connections. More leverage. More success on your terms. 

The course usually sells for £79 but as you have come directly from The Supermum Podcast, you are welcome to purchase for £59. 

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Here's the all important breakdown: 

Module One

You will gain:

  • Through practical exercises, you will gain clarity and specifics;  what you want, what is important and why you want it. Unless you know this, life becomes a bit random.

  • Knowledge to actually make stuff happen. How often in life do we chug through the months and suddenly discover we are still in the same place; in business, in life and financially. This time it will be different and you will have the missing pieces of information that are crucial for your 'success'. 

  • Decision. You have a million and one ideas in the mix but deciding which one to go for can be so tricky. Don't worry I will help you choose and actually come to a decision instead of being in a state of indecision. 

  • Time. We will look at your time management and you will take some simple strategies forward with you; so less stress, a clearer mindset and more of what you love and less of what you don't.

  • Clarity. You will create business and life goals that will be broken down into tiny steps so you lose the overwhelm and 'I don't know where to start' to actually moving forward. 

Module Two


You will gain: 

  • A comprehensive training that is going to help you bring in consistent income on your terms. 

  • A customer insight as someone who is passionate about small business. I am going to help you figure out your offerings and services and make sure you are selling stuff you like doing and you are offering it in a way that you like to work. 

  • How to identify your ideal client so you attract them into your world and they pay you!

  • How you can gain knowledge of your ideal client so you are offering something they actually want and NEED to buy. You can figure out where they are struggling, how you can solve their problem and get them results.

  • How your USP is everything and how to make your style irresistable. 

  • How to create offerings at different price points; short term, long terms, residual and the quick money solutions. 

  • How to figure out the logistics; what you need to earn and how you can earn the money in an effective manner. 

  • How to consistently increase your prices (and not worry what anyone else charges) and not feel icky about it. 


The course usually sells for £79 but as you have come directly from The Supermum Podcast, you are welcome to purchase for £59. 

Copy of Copy of Module One-.png


You will gain: 

  • How to share your story effectively. What to share, what not to share and most importantly in a way that suits you. Not everyone wants to be a vlogger who films themself waking up in the morning and turning off the 6:30am alarm. (Oh and let's face it, you may not need an alarm as you may have one or more kidlets raiding your bed!)

  • Ways in which you can connect with your potential customer. How you can show that you understand their need/problem?

  • Ways you can assure your customer that they are in the right place. Everyone wants to be reassured and know the process. You will learn how to deliver at every stage of the process so you manage expectations and represent your brilliance. (Also I often use the analogy of going round to someone's house...where you haven't been before. You want to know the protocol; do you take your shoes off? Where is the toilet? Which rooms can I go in? No one wants to be dangling in the doorway...

  • Getting a clearer idea of where your customers hang out and where and how to build relationships.

  • How to share what you have to offer without being salesy. 

  • How to format your 'about page' on your website even though you don't know where to start...

  • Figure what you need to include on your website to take you to the next level...


Module four

You will gain: 

  • The power of video; how you can use it in a way that suits you and allows us to get to know you better. 

  • Looking at your social media and working through a check list to make sure there is congruency. 

  • Testimonials; don't just focus on attracting more customers. What about the customers you already have, what do they say about you and how can you show these results to potential new customers. We need to know what you do...

  • Work on your elevator pitch 'So what do you do then?' can bring most out in a hot sweat. However a few simple considerations will make this a whole lot easier. 

  • Potential collaborations...who do you want to work with?

  • Networking: what rooms do you need to be in and why...

Bonus: My 'All about headshots audios' to help you research, prepare, plan and shoot your ideal branding shoot. 


The course usually sells for £79 but as you have come directly from The Supermum Podcast, you are welcome to purchase for £59. 

Module Five

You will gain...

  • Practical exercises to help you figure out where you are now; emotionally, physically, mentally, financially 

  • Practical exercises to help you get to where you want to be in the above areas.

  • Discover habits, thoughts, patterns of behaviour that may be distracting, holding you back, procrastinating and keeping you playing small.

  • Uncover any limiting beliefs which are a reflection of the 'old you' and are annoyingly getting in the way.

  • Creating your non negotiations i.e the stuff you need to make life better for you and then scheduling them on a regular basis

  • Create delegation strategies so you get the help you need. 

  • Uplevel your surroundings, your mindset, your daily life to create the success you deserve and quickly switch gears from parent to business owner. 

Bonus: Instant access to my confidence course


You will gain:

  • Stress free life is the best. Obviously we are not going for perfection buuuttt there will be invaluable tweaks you can make. 

  • Boundaries...get great boundaries and your whole business and life will change. I promise... just you wait and see...

  • Systems. I will show you how to create systems in your business so things will run smoothly and effectively. 

  • Templates will be your best friend...I will show you how

  • Identify triggers which slow things down; these could be thoughts, activities, actions or people

  • A spring clean of your business. You will take a good look around and reflect on what is working and where changes are necessary/

Bonus: A planning audio to help you plan your week based on what is going on and your current commitments.

The course usually sells for £79 but as you have come directly from The Supermum Podcast, you are welcome to purchase for £59. 

Nicky Raby reviews
Nicky Raby reviews

There isn't a perfect way.

Only your perfect way.

I am not going to tell you what to do... i.e I do x, y and z and so therefore you should too.

Far from it.

Instead I am going to lead you through the modules and help you create your own version.

You will be all set until Christmas and beyond. The modules are made up of audio, video and pdf content. 

And there is more.... YOUR BONUSES

  • The first 5 people to sign up for the course will receive a free half an hour session with me

  • Going forward you will be entitled to 20% off all my 1:1 sessions. 

  • The content will keep emerging. I am a content machine so new content that I create will be added to the relevant module. 

  • I will host regular Q and A sessions where you can get your specific questions answered by me personally. 

  • I will be organising some in person meet ups so watch this space; a chance to meet other freelancers and potential for collaboration. 


I am not a parent yet is this course for me? 

Absolutely. Sure I may throw in a few childcare related questions in the mix but the principles will not just be for 'mumpreneurs'. In fact you may be thinking about having a child and already you know your current career is going to need some tweaking to make it work with having a baby so you are in the right place. 

How does it work? 

There are 6 modules. The modules will remain online so you can log in whenever you choose going forward. 

Is there a monthly fee? 

No, it is a one off payment. One you are in, you are in. 

If the course is not for me, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. All sales are final. 

How will I know when new content has been released? 

You will receive an email with updates so you can log in and find all the goodies

How do I access the content?

When you make your payment, you will create log in details. You will receive a confirmation email that will give you everything you need. Any technical issues, please use the contact page and myself or one of my team will get back to you within 24 hours. 


The course usually sells for £79 but as you have come directly from The Supermum Podcast, you are welcome to purchase for £59.