I truly believe you have to make space for the stuff that you want in your life and this module will help you do just that. This industry is so fast paced. Decisions have to be made instantly and often it can come down to logistics. The job will go to the person who can send back a scanned copy of their passport the quickest. Or the one who isn't hesitant about getting on a flight. This module is so practical. Be diligent when completing it. Also don't forget to share your completed actions with your agent. 

Tick them off as you go. I love the question 'What else could I do'... if often unveils answers I hadn't even considered. Keep asking open questions until you get the answer you want. 

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A final point on this before you move into your bonuses is to actively seek the answer and be proactive in your approach. So...if you don't feel good, find something that is going to make you feel motivated. If you are surrounded by negative people, build a new positive network. If you don't have the answer, reach out to someone who does.

It is all in your power. It is all possible.