Module Six

As you may or may not know, I was an agent for 5 years. It started as my 'out of work' acting job but I quickly discovered I was actually good at being an agent. I enjoyed using my 'business head' and got huge satisfaction out of seeing our clients succeed.

But what I didn't realise was how it would benefit me as an actor. I got the pleasure of taking an insiders' look at the industry; how it worked, what didn't work and how the most successful agent/actor partnerships were formed. Most of the stuff I learnt hadn't even crossed my mind as I was too busy being a creative actor.

I am thrilled I have the opportunity to share what I have learnt with you now and show you behind the scenes in a candid way. I imagine much of this is going to be a surprise to you too!

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My biggest take away from this chapter (as I went through it myself) is that you have to be selective about who you work with. If your representation isn't a good fit for you, you are not going to have the success you deserve, however big your agent is or however good their contacts are. So be discerning. Know that you can choose. You can decide who you work with and if your agent isn't a good fit for you...move on!

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