Module One

No matter where you are in your career, you are in exactly the right place. By purchasing this course, I know you are ready for the next step, so from now on I want you to focus on the future; where you want to go and the career you want to create.

Don't worry about what hasn't happened yet or cling onto old stories that will simply get in your way. Make a commitment to yourself to figure it out. To be the one who succeeds. To be the one who is the last man/woman standing.

Remember everyone starts somewhere. Everyone starts with a blank CV. One of my favourite quotes is from the brilliant Tony Robbins who says ' Focus on what you can do, not what you can't'. Your brain will love this. If you do this you will get more of the 'good stuff'- you will feel better, you will make quicker progress and attract the best opportunities for you. 

Listen to the audio

Before you head over to the next module, just take five or ten minutes to reflect. To consider how far you have come. To remember what it felt like to be on a stage or a set and to be truly in your element. To be excited about possibility. To be optimistic about your career. Think about your successes. Those times when you got a 'yes'. Those times when you heard the job was yours. Take a deep breathe and let those feelings absorb into your body. This is a great exercise to return to whenever you need it. I love using this exercise before a casting- especially if I am having a wild day with my baby, battling sleep deprivation and having to switch into 'brilliant actor' mode.