Module Eight

Sometimes as actors, we can focus on what isn't working. The jobs we are not being seen for, the castings we don't have a look in with and the people we don't know but want to know.

In this module, I help you to build a practical strategy. I personally hate that feeling of 'waiting' and not being in control. I have coached over 500 people now so I am ace (even if I do say so myself) at getting my client to where they want to go via the quickest route. Enjoy... and get plotting!

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There may be some strategies in this module that you say 'Yeah, yeah, I know this, Nicky, it is obvious' but stop yourself.

Go back. Delve deeper. Discover more. Flip it on its head. Do something different. Be bold in your choice and go for it. The simple, consistent strategies will produce the steady, magnificent results. 

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