The Strategy Session package is waiting for you and can quickly provide you with clarity, remove the overwhelm and get you going with an action plan. 

As a coach, I can help you to get speedy results. It's amazing how much you can achieve, plan and create in a short amount of time when you commit to doing so. 

Why do I offer a short term package? Don't I need a large chunk of available time? 

Not always. I love the phrase 'work smarter, not harder'. Sometimes a short burst of strategic time with a coach is all you need.

You suddenly move from a position of 'I'll wait until have a good few weeks to get this done' ... and then inevitably something gets in your way and no action is taken to... 'I have x amount of time, how can I maximise it so I get results'. 

Who benefits from The Strategy Session? 

You do. Hooray and here's why...

  • For a small investment of time and money, you can get massive results. 

  • The 'Strategy Session' package is separated into 4 parts:  Your free coaching video series where you can establish what you want (Click here to receive). Your pre work, your hour session and the follow up from me. I have designed the process in this way (rather than just a random hour ) so you have maximum time and focus to create a plan but also time between to allow for thinking and planning space. 

  • The package itself is condensed, so momentum is still attained. Progress is consistent and rapid... you don't just leave everything to the last minute. 

  • You may know what you want already but just need help to tweak the process to make it happen. You may be juggling many roles and wondering how to combine them as per below. 


  • On deciding to work together, simply make the payment below. Within 24 hours, you will receive your pre work, my terms and conditions, access links to my online programme (if applicable) and access to my calendar. The pre work is to help you gain clarity and brainstorm and helps me to create a tailored toolkit of resources for you. Please return to me via email at 24 hours before our session. 

  • Sessions take place face to face | Skype | phone, depending on your location and availability. 

  • Leave the session with an action plan so you know exactly what to do next. 

  • At the end of the session, you will receive a full written update from me- what we discussed, the options explored and the action plan going forward. I know many coaches don't do this as believe it is solely the client's responsibility to take action. However I believe my support can accelerate your progress. You have comprehensive notes to reference and all the 'vagueness' gets taken out- 'Er, what did we discuss again?'.

The session is focused and the action plan going forward is clear. 

You can tailor the coaching to suit you. You can decide what you need and how much time you need to complete it.

I don't follow a set blue print. You tell me what you want to achieve and what you want

to gain from the coaching i.e the results and I adjust accordingly.

I will personally select from my coaching kit and give you tools that are specifically designed for you.

Need longer? Check out my 'It's time' 6 week package...

A few testimonials from my wonderful clients