You, me and your to do list/wish list.

Multi tasking doesn’t work for me.

The whole ‘Build your empire whilst your baby sleeps/toddler plays trains/you put a wash on etc etc’ doesn’t support you or your business.

I like to focus on one thing at a time in my own business and I love to be able to offer that to you too; the time, space, energy and focus…that is all about you.

As you may know I don’t offer a one size fits all- I don’t have an agenda, you tell me what you want to achieve and I will support you.

Who this may be useful for:

You want to create your own version of business and life. You want to create your own gig. You may be starting out and need the ‘Ok, I’m doing this, let’s make this happen’ experience or you may be at a point where you have had some success, but you are ready for more. It is time to work smarter, grow, expand and elevate. You may identify as a personal brand, a business owner, a freelancer, a small business, a creative or someone who doesn’t want to work for someone else or in a traditional way.

In more detail:

Sooo you may have been doing this a while. 

I know you are short on time. Sometimes your business feels scattered and you feel you always have so much to do. Your To Do list never seems to get any shorter. You find it difficult to know how to get to the next level. Everything feels a bit squeezed. You know you are good at what you do. So you want to enjoy the rewards and your version of 'success'. Plus you see everyone creating dream businesses…why isn’t it happening as quickly for you? My pillars of ‘vision, strategy and mindset’ will help you streamline and bring more ease and flow.


You are right at the beginning. Where do you even start? What is important? What do you do with all the ideas? How do you keep the voices in your head in check and change them to 'Actually I can do this and I am doing this'. The overwhelm can be intense and stifling…it doesn’t allow you to progress. I can help you make a solid plan and break down the actions into manageable steps.


There is something you want specifically focus on. Maybe you want to start a creative project; a podcast or a new series. Maybe you want to grow a new arm of your brand; becoming a speaker, adding a product line… Maybe you want to shake things up and change your pricing and packages or take your business/brand in a new direction.

You can read more on my coaching page about the topics I specialise in.

The day will typically cover: 


What you want...what are you building? What kind of business/brand do you want to have?

This process of refinement is key to working smartly.

If you don’t know what your end goal is, it is difficult to reverse engineer the process.

Where are you now? 

What's your current situation...

What's missing?

What do you want more of? What's not working? What is exhausting your time, your energy, your efforts? What do you need to let go of? 

It is likely you know the answers to some of the above, however when you are ‘in it’, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. As your coach, I will challenge, bounce ideas, ask useful questions. I always operate with kindness and warmth as my standard. Maybe you are waiting for permission or for someone to believe in you; don’t worry I’ve got your back.

Plan for the next six months:

We break everything down so you know what to focus on and then how to implement the actions so you get your desires results. 

Often the 5 year plan can be too big and the small details can get lost along the way. It is likely you can visualise 6 months ahead, so let’s make them count.


Perhaps you feeling you are working too hard for too little financial reward. I will help you to increase your income but also make it consistent. Plus we can also explore passive income options that you can develop. 

There is a trend online at the moment about doing what you love. However it is essential to know how the money is going to come your way and build consistently.

Online products

Perhaps you want to create a course or a digital product. I have consistently made passive income since 2014 and very happy to give you a 'behind the scenes' peek at my business. 

This is game changing and having a variety of income streams will change the way you can run your business and life.

Other business topics: 

Pricing and Packaging | Pitching and Presenting | Your Positioning and USP | Your Ideal Clients | Your online/offline presence and becoming visible so you connect with your audience and customers. 

Not only do we look at these strategically but also help you with the mindset of expanding your business.

Logistics and Mindset:

You can have the best idea in the world but if logistics and mindset are not is going to get messy very quickly. 


How can you make the best use of your time? How can you create consistent income?

Boundaries. Templates. Systems. Technology.

How can you make your home life and work life compliment each other. 


Going to the next level can be challenging; perhaps your confidence needs a bit of work, maybe there is an internal block which always pops up to say hello and is holding you back. Maybe you need to figure out how to be the Sasha Fierce version of yourself. 

The mindset work is always a work in progress so I will help you create a bag of tricks to keep Imposter Syndrome and any wobbles at bay. 

How it works:  

  • On agreeing to work together, you will receive my pre work booklet. This is for you to gain clarity on your thoughts and detail the outcomes you would like to gain from the day working together. 

  • The day is 9:30- 3pm (please let me know if you need to alter these times) at Century in Central London.

  • Plus full day bookings receive access to my Working Smartly Course (usually sells for £347)

  • An A la carte menu lunch.

(See menu plus refreshments throughout the day) 

  • A fortnight of email support. You will leave with lots of things to implement. I imagine you will want to take action fast so you may need another pair of eyes, a dialogue back and forth, someone to support you make the final decision. All emails will be responded to within 48 hours. 

  • You are welcome to share the session with a colleague or friend. I can work with you together and separately. There will be plenty of time. There is a £50 supplement per person.

  • Follow up 30 minute chat online/phone at the end of the fortnight to check in, consolidate, refine etc etc



Complete the form below with your details and I will get back to you with availability/wait time. 

I will then share payment details with you. Please note your session is not confirmed until payment has been made. 

Or if you need to ask my a question or enquire about wait time/ availability, 


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