speaking and writing

Connection and communication run through every aspect of my career; in my 25+ year acting career, whilst I am serving my clients in their businesses or during my podcast interviews.

I have a rich, diverse portfolio career and love to share tools, tips, techniques and stories to inspire others to create their own version. 

Nicky Raby

Some of my favourite topics to talk about: 

How to build a business on your terms and define your own success.

How to create passive income so you make money whilst you sleep.

How to create boundaries so your business works for you, not against you.

How to work with Imposter Syndrome; recognise it and work with it.

How to create a multi-hyphen career with a range of income streams.

How to hustle with heart (P.S I am not keen on the word hustle)

How to pitch, present and promote your services even if you are an introvert and haven't 'sold yourself' before.

How to build a business that allows you flexibility and freedom as a parent. 

How to remain resilient in a crowded market. 

How to build your personalised confidence toolkit to exceed your expectations. 

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I trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts on the BA Acting course. During my training, I was awarded a scholarship by Jim Broadbent. 

In 2012, I began my training with the Coaching Academy as in 2013 I qualified as a Personal Performance Coach. 

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