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Speaking to a live audience (online or in person) and sharing my toolkit is one of my favourite things to do...

I have a thriving portfolio career; I’m an actor, qualified life and business coach, writer, speaker and podcaster. My podcast ‘Dreaming and Doing with Nicky Raby’ regularly charts on the top 100 business charts on iTunes.

I’m passionate about supporting other women (and men!) to create a business and life that defines their version of success. 

I have coached over 1000 people through my coaching programmes, online services, events and workshops and my podcast is heard in every continent in the world.

My style is warm, positive, uplifting, practical, engaging and approachable. I know making changes can feel scary, uncomfortable and out of reach.

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My aim is that you will leave with a plan in place that is suited to your skills, personality and personal goals so you feel supported, strategic and not overwhelmed.

I love to create and deliver inspiring and motivating content, however it is essential you have the tools to implement it, to know your next action and have the resources to build your strategy.

Recent collaborations have been with Stylist Live, Sheer Luxe, Huckletree, Google, MOO.com, Doing It For The Kids, Stretching the City, Kingston University, The Early Hour, The Huffington Post, The Stage and many of the popular Instagram blogs and podcast shows. I release three episodes per week over on my own show here and you can also view my You Tube channel here.

How I can help:

1) Defining your version of success: Vision boards, goal setting, brainstorming…

So often we can get caught in the day to day overwhelm of the pinging inbox, the endless to do list and being in survival mode. I believe success is not limited to just one area of our lives; we must consider success holistically and create our own personal blends. I am passionate about helping you to understand what success means to you and gaining clarity to increase focus. I believe dreaming big and brainstorming are the crucial first steps so you can use your time, energy, money, skills, talents and mindset effectively.

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2) Life as an entrepreneur: Personal branding, Defining your USP, Aligning your strategy and mindset

I have always worked for myself and had enormous highs (personal successes) and lows (lessons in hindsight). The conversation of Entrepreneurship is very much part of our landscape. Often it can be portrayed as the easy option; the flexibility is wonderful, however there must be a plan behind the vision. I believe mindset and strategy come as a pair…you can set huge exciting goals and a compelling mission but if your self doubt and insecurities are in charge, it is going to be very difficult to show up and make progress. Likewise meditation, research, pondering and brainstorming are invigorating but there needs to be a driving action plan so results are gained. Perfect for creatives, freelancers, small businesses and those with a portfolio career.

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3) Getting visible: Pitching, presenting and persuading

I trained as an actor and so I am experienced in talking to live audiences. However I am naturally an introvert not an extrovert so regularly build on my skills. Perhaps public speaking is your worst fear or you want to work on your communication skills so you gain a positive result. Or maybe you want to increase sales, tighten up your negotiation skills or create rapport with a packed audience. Popular topics include body language, confidence, preparation, engagement, delivery and impact.

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4) Mindset: Resilience, Confidence and creating your optimum self

We all go through phases of self doubt, Imposter Syndrome and uncertainty. Sometimes there are external factors that are not within our control that can cause stress, anxiety, worry and decrease in performance. I like to share a framework for you to follow; the reassurance that you know more than you think and help you build confidence to navigate the next chapter no matter the challenges.

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5) Parenting and progressing

I have a three year old who has enriched my life in every area (apart from sleep!). Becoming a parent has increased my productivity, my ambition, my focus and provided clarity of what is important. However there are many pieces of the puzzle behind the scenes that need to be organised, considered and nurtured. The old paradigm of ‘baby brain’ (that’s not to say parenting isn’t the hardest thing I have ever done) is dated, in fact I see the opposite; there is a clearer vision and a bigger ‘why’. Although to remain realistic, there is less time, less sleep and less creative headspace so we all need distinctive action that are going to create results.

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6) Leadership: Assertiveness, Stepping up, Productivity and Growth Mindset

A new role, a new business, a new venture are likely to trigger all the emotions; excitement, fear, uncertainty, anticipation etc etc Perhaps this new chapter will require some new skills, ways of working, boundaries and expectations. There may be some mindset shifts to grapple with too; permission, stepping out of your comfort zone, potentially uncomfortable conversations and a new wave of being visible.

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“Nicky did a fantastic talk for freelance parents at the Doing It For The Kids meetup at Huckletree West. She brought such energy and laughter to the room, as well as some absolutely killer advice and practical tips on confidence, imposter syndrome and getting paid what you’re worth. I would gladly have Nicky back to speak at another event.”
— Frankie Tortora, Doing It For the Kids

How I can bring value…

  • I want to meet your expectations. Every talk I do is bespoke to you, your audience and their needs. I never just churn out the same old stuff; the content is tailored, well thought out and considered.

  • I am a trained actor with 25 years experience; I have worked across TV, commercial, film and theatre on prime time TV to sold out shows in the West End. My presentations are lively, interactive, inclusive and feel good… and don’t worry I don’t make anyone do anything zany :)

  • I am adaptable. My portfolio career allows me to be in many wonderful, creative, corporate rooms. I am a creative at heart but have a logical strategic mind so can create a blend that is suitable for your audience.

  • I love a Q and A and the interaction with the audience. I am never afraid to share my own personal stories to punctuate the lessons and bring a Northern warmth and lightheartedness.

For availability, rates and enquires, please complete the form below with details of your event and budget and myself or my team will respond shortly.

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