Did you know that some people fear public speaking more than they fear death? I know, crazy eh?

However if you want to increase your bank balance, your customer/client intake and increase your impact, there is a way you can find ease and flow with this that feels good for you.

I know sharing who you are and what you do can be scary. It could look like this…

You seem to be the only one talking and all eyes are on you waiting to hear what you have to say. Your mind goes into overdrive…what are they thinking? Do I sound ok? Why am I doing this weird accent which is not my own? Are my audience with me? Am I making sense? Is it obvious that my voice is going a bit squeaky and my knees are shaking a little bit? Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Why can’t I find the words I need? Why am I making unfunny jokes? Why doesn’t it go as smoothly as it did at home this morning?

Since coaching over 1000 people, I can assure you this theme of public speaking, becoming visible , ‘going live’, pressing publish comes up a lot. Every single client I have ever worked with is great at what they do. So where did this reluctance to share come from?

I have a few ideas:

  • There is a hangover from school (not the booze variety on this occasion!)… it wasn’t cool to put your hand up. You maybe said the wrong answer by mistake and never lived it down. There is nothing like 30 plus rowdy school children jeering you to put you off opening your mouth openly again.

  • Perhaps you feel shy. Or identify as an introvert. I hear you. I definitely not the loudest and proudest in the room, but I have learnt how to be able to switch into that mode when I need to.

  • Maybe you are just starting out. You are slowly but surely getting there, but you don’t believe you are an expert yet. ‘Surely there is someone better or more highly qualified? What if I get it wrong? ‘ P.S You are ready now.

Over the years I have attended so many events where the speaker begins their talk with the word ‘Sorry’. They begin with an apology; often apologising for not being good at public speaker.

Now of course, I am not saying we should all sell out stadiums but you in order to be in business in this digital age, you do need to be able to be the face and voice of your brand. If you don’t you are missing out; on money, on customers/clients, on creating a powerful impact and fulfilling your business goals.

To go a layer deeper:

  • People want to hear from you. You have so much to offer. You don’t need to make things complicated. They just need to hear what you do, how you add value and how they can pay you.

  • Amazing opportunities are around every corner. You can’t plan the timing, all you can do is to be ready. You never want to lose out because you didn’t speak up or share.

  • Being vague and ‘all the things’ is not useful. People switch off. They don’t understand your brand. They disengage. It is your responsibility to prepare now.

  • We are missing your voice. I feel so passionately about diversity. I want to broaden my mind and one way I can do this is through listening to a wide range of human stories.

    and finally (even though I have heard and shared this so often before, it still stops me in my tracks and gives me a gulp moment)

  • There are people out there who do something similar, who are less qualified, not as talented and pretty mediocre . They are making more money and growing at a faster rate because they have learnt how to raise their profile and share their voice and message. (I told you it was a gulp moment).

So how can I help:

  • Your elevator pitch. No underselling, no play small, no long winded ramble sharing your whole life story. This is about you and your business. Defining who you are and how you can help so you land the lead, the client, the gig, the pitch, the contract.

  • Speaking/Panels. Speaking at events big and small not only pay me but they allow people to get to know me more personally. There is only so much people can gain on social media. We are craving real life human experience. They are great for raising a profile but also form connections…many of which become paying clients. You can do this too.

  • Pitching to raise your brand awareness. I have never believed that opportunities just land in my lap (fortunately some have over the years) but generally you have to meet opportunities half way and show you are available. Whether you want to increase your opportunities, press, collaborations etc I will show you how to get noticed.

  • ‘Going live’ and knowing how to do it effortlessly is incredibly important. Social media offers so many opportunities to reach your ideal client. You can share your message, your offering, your personality and brand at the touch of a button. If you want more sales, you can easily utilise this.

  • Doing it all on your terms. I know so many of us feel the pressure of ‘stepping into public speaking mode’. This may make us believe that we have to embody a character…a sleazy salesperson? Someone who is stuffy and formal? Someone who runs around whooping and cheering encouraging the audience to high five and chest pump. Believe me, it is so much easier when you do you.

  • Making friends with your nerves and building confidence. I will never tell you to just put on lipstick and high heels, this is about building your own success toolkit. We can acknowledge the nerves will always be there (often it is a good thing) but there are methods to work with them not against them.

Why work with me?

  • I trained as an actor and have worked professionally for over 25 years across all mediums. I went to one of the world’s top drama schools- you have a 1 in 20 chance of getting in and I attained a BA Hons in Performance.

  • I have built a thriving portfolio career, I have around 15 different income streams and my success has come from being consistent, pitching, speaking up and sharing my message even when often it felt super scary.

  • I will show up for you with kindness. I know it can be tricky to tackle this topic. We will move slowly but surely. I know it is a genuine fear for some people. You will be safe hands. I don’t offer a one size fits all solution. This is about you and only you.

  • I have spoken to large and small audiences (sometimes thousands) about business as a coach and podcaster but also as many different characters as an actor. I have delivered key notes, hosted, free-styled, presented for camera, led and participated in q and a panels and produced and presented a top 100 business podcast in iTunes for nearly two years

Nicky Raby speaker

How it works:

  • On agreeing to work together, you will receive my pre work booklet. This is for you to gain clarity on your thoughts and detail the outcomes you would like to gain from the day working together. You are welcome to attach anything you are working on; your pitch, thoughts on your elevator pitch etc. Everything is as always strictly confidential

  • An hour and a half session. We can work on one element or a combination. It is entirely up to you. We can practically work through your portfolio. Ultimately I want the finished portfolio to feel like you. If it feels good, you will be more likely to share it.

  • A week of email support. You can pick my brain, send me what you have worked on for feedback or ask any questions.

  • Access to my ‘Let’s Get Visible’ course. Usually sells for £97.

  • Access to 2 x additional courses ‘ Creating your creative menu’ … I share my exact process I used to land my Stylist Live gig and ‘The Business of Getting Paid’… speaking can become an additional revenue stream.


Please note sessions are not confirmed until payment has been made.

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