Over the last five years my life, my career and lifestyle have changed dramatically.

This didn’t happen by accident nor did it happen overnight… I wish it did.

Actually maybe not, I needed to go through the process and I wouldn’t be where I am today and all that :)

Yes it has been exciting and satisfying but also at times, it has been overwhelming, exhausting and painful.


  • I was undercharging and being paid by the hour. I only earned when I worked. There was no wiggle room. I was just about making my bills, I definitely didn’t feel expansive or where I wanted to be financially in life.

  • I spent a lot of time making other people’s dreams come true. For three days a week I was working as an agent; I was good it at it but it didn’t leave room for my own creativity.

  • I was commuting up to 3 hours driving per day. Yes I built up a lot of knowledge from listening to podcasts but the time ate into my day.

  • My brand was starting to take shape. I had completed my coaching qualification and had a few clients however I was experimenting because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to get clients, to manoeuvre the online world, to build a brand, to be a go to person and to make consistent income from my skills. Basically You Tube, Google and I spend many hours together.

  • I was still playing; I was playing small. I didn’t really believe that I could do this. I held myself back. I didn’t think I was ready. I gave myself all the excuses as to why I couldn’t move forward.

  • I was generally feeling very lost. I didn’t have a plan in place. I felt like I never had enough time, energy, money, knowledge…mainly because I was trying to do all the things. I now know I will be able to do all the things but not at the same time and not without help.


  • I am now the driver of my own career. I gave myself full permission to have a portfolio career earning money from an array of revenue streams as an actor, coach, speaker, workshop host and creator of online products.

  • I have had two children. For years I believed as a creative, that I would have to choose between my career and a family. I am pleased to say I decided to ignore this societal assumption. My boy and my girl are my everything.

  • I create my own schedule. Every week is different. I can work flexibly around my children and also be available for incoming opportunities. For years I was trying to live in a structure that didn’t work for my life- no wonder it felt like hard work.

  • I can earn income passively. I don’t have to be in the room, 1:1. During both my stays in hospital when my children were born, I earned money passively; courses, products, workshops. All delivered to my client/customer providing huge value.

  • There is no cap on my income. I am not constrained by a set fee, I am the driver of my own career and life and can tailor my work accordingly. The big dreams I have now feel like a possibility.

  • I am excited about the future. I don’t dread Mondays. I feel like I am on the path I am supposed to be on…even though it has taken a while to get here.

However it has been a journey. Yep, that’s right, I brought out the J word :)

The thing is no one I knew was doing what I wanted to do. I didn’t have a blue print to follow.

There was a lot of time figuring it all out and I’m sure there have been many times when I took the scenic route and definitely got lost many times along the way.

Not only did I not have a strategy, I didn’t have a vision or a healthy growth mindset. I didn’t know what I was building. Everything was scattered and ‘hoping for the best’. I vaguely knew what would make me happy or what I wanted but I got stuck in how I would do it. I had glimmers of being on the right track and I would doubt myself or lose faith if things weren’t happening quick enough.

So I ask the question…what is next for you?

Maybe you have an idea up your sleeve or perhaps you are in a situation that frustrates you, you maybe feel like you are working too hard and not gaining enough. You know you want to create your gig or you are ready for a change in the way you work- you are in the right place.

I know what it is like to feel stuck.

In the beginning I felt stuck because I genuinely didn’t know the steps I needed to take. Then as my business has grown, I have invested in help and support regularly as I have gone to the next level.

Time is my most valuable resource especially with two small children, so I am always looking to do things with ease and flow. If someone can shortcut the process for me or is an expert, I am handing over the money. No longer do I have the time, nor do I want to spend every hour of the day down a You Tube hole.

Let’s talk about the next 12 weeks…

In 12 weeks, I will support you to make exciting change. Whether you are just starting out and right at the beginning or have been going a while and ready to scale, my signature programme will help you create, edit, brainstorm, plan and strategise.

The five year plan is all groovy but I know you want to progress quickly, you probably have oodles of things you want to be be, do and have.

Here is a framework for how we can use our time together. I work in a bespoke way so depending on what you need we can switch up the content to suit you.

Weeks 1 + 2: THE VISION

I help you figure out where you are now and where you want to be.

Success is not all Gucci handbags, Mock Tudor houses (can you tell I was a teenager in the 90s?!) and fast cars.

I am interested in what you want to build. What do you want your business/brand to provide?

What kind of lifestyle do you want to have? How do you want to work?

What do you want to earn? What is important to you?

If you are feeling foggy headed and overwhelmed, this is a great place to start.


What are you all about?

What skills, talent, experience do you bring to the table (Spoiler: you may forgotten about some of them...)

What feels easy to you? Where do you excel?

What lights you up? What you want to do more of?

What do you want to be know for? What is your USP?

(Some of these questions make you feel like you are showing off or a bit weird as it can be quite scary to talk about yourself but don’t worry I can help you through this) 


How do you want to want to get paid? What do you want to offer? How much do you want to earn?

Perhaps you have been working 1:1 but want to scale and consider creating passive income products.

Maybe you want to create more of an online business rather than one where you have to be in the room.

Or you want to create opportunities for yourself that aren’t perhaps traditional.

There isn't a rule book to follow here so you need to create your own to suit your personality and circumstances.

Sometimes there can such pressure to recreate what everyone else is doing... however if it doesn't feel good to you, you don't have to do it!


How can you get your business/brand 'out there' in a way that feels good and to the ‘right’ people.

Often we have the ‘selling’ connotations i.e we don’t want to feel like a big old sleazy pants or a terrible informercial.

I will help you to find ways to be visible in a non terrifying way.

There are ways to share your credibility and skill set without shouting loudly. 


We could have conversations around your website, your story, your content and the kind of business owner/brand you want to be.

Describing who you are and what you do can be tricky to answer. Plus generally a bit awkward if you are new to ‘putting yourself out there’.

Also if you are not clear on what you are selling or how you can help you may end up have a wooly marketing message and not attracting your ideal clients/customers. 


I know you are time squeezed already so I will help you to shortcut the process from A-Z i.e work smarter not harder. We may discuss boundaries, systems and templates to bring more easy and flow into your work. Also identifying triggers that slow things down; these could be thoughts, activities, actions or people.

Going to the next level can feel scary. Pressing ‘publish’ on the new project is heart stopping. Perhaps you are having a wobble, or doubting yourself, or struggling with confidence or Imposter Syndrome. I will help you create practical tools to use to keep moving forward.

Ok the details…

I only offer a limited number of 1:1 spots on my signature programme, this is so I can support you fully. This is not a fit for someone who just wants to dip their toe in this or who is a looking for a quick fix.

This programme is going to not only accelerate your business, but also will structure your own version of success going forward.

  • On agreeing to work together, you will receive my pre work booklet. This is for you to gain clarity on your thoughts and detail the outcomes you would like to gain from the day working together. 

  • Every two weeks, we will have a 75 minute call or face to face meeting, if you would prefer and in London. Before every session, you will receive some pre work from me. It is important for me to support you fully so you gain your desired results.

  • During our 12 weeks together, you have full access to my email/what’s app. I am there to support you through this; you can send me stuff, get my expert eye and feedback. The email support is unlimited. Yes it is open for strategy stuff that we are working on but also the ‘Nicky I am having a wobble’ or ‘Nicky, I actually sent the email and they responded- woo yeah!’ This accountability immediately increases your results as you will actually do the things you want to do even if they feel hard, scary or uncertain.

  • Lifetime Access to my library of online resources (valued over £1000)


OR 3 X Payments of £1125


Pay in full and receive an additional 3 hour session with me face to face at the Soho Hotel for afternoon tea. This is a great opportunity to plan the next phase of your business, implementing all the work we’ve done together over the 12 weeks.


Please note sessions are not confirmed until payment has been made.

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