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I love what I do...

Yep. It's true. My combination of my work (actor, coach, writer, speaker and mama) really lights me up.

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My hopes and dreams for my life are very clear. It isn't always easy; life can be a juggle sometimes.

I would like more sleep... but wouldn't everyone?

I believe we have limitless options and often use the word 'AND'

  • You can have many strings to your bow AND selective projects accordingly.

  • You don't just have to do one thing; You can be a mum AND be a creative. You can do what you love AND earn money. It is simply about organisation, focus and clarity.

  • You can be busy AND not overwhelmed.

  • You can be strong, decisive, bold AND lovely.

Basically we just all just need two things.

One; the vision (i.e. figuring out what we want and what is important)

and two; an action plan.

That's what I do as your coach.

I help you to stop feeling stuck/confused/overwhelmed/uncertain/fearful.

You can make changes.

There is always an alternative.

Have a look below and feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of the page with any questions or queries. 



You don't just have to do one thing.

You can be a parent and still be creative.

You can run your own gig and not be constantly stressed.

You can work your week on your terms. 

In fact, I only realised this when I became a parent...suddenly a whole new hidden world was revealed.

Life is what you make it as you know, so you can believe the negative rubbish or simply crack on and listen to the nudges that pointing you in the direction of doing things YOUR way. 

Practical, strategic and compassionate. I have coached over 600 people in many sectors. 

Find out how we can work together; my methods, my prices and availability. Plus the results my clients have gained and my online media presence. 

The Personal Brand Plan for Parents: perfect for freelancers and small businesses

Do you work for yourself? Would you say life is generally pretty busy, one big juggle and you regularly feel pretty stressed?

Money wise Do you feel annoyed that you are either in feast or famine; always looking for people who will ACTUALLY PAY YOU for your brilliance and pay on time?

Time I imagine every hour counts. You regularly try to get all the things done but life can be tricky to compartmentalise and not everything can be placed on a tick list. You need to create time for work, family, your partner, your kids... oh and sleep, perhaps an hour to yourself to have a bath and a glass of wine and just five minute peace to do absolutely nothing but BREATHE.

Resources for actors

I have been an actor for 25 years and was an agent for 5 years.

I excel at helping creatives create their success mindset. I have books, audios, online programmes and 1:1 offerings to help you create the strategy for your ideal career. 

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