I started in January 2018 and have since recorded nearly 200 episodes. The idea for the podcast came from a personal place. I was missing this content. In 2015 I had my son. I would spend hours walking around our local area trying to encourage him to nap (and stay sleeping) whilst gained inspiration for my business.

The space was very masculine. Lots of chat about ‘the hustle’, or smashing your goals, or 18 hours days fuelled by protein shakes or how to make 7 figures in a fortnight. None of it resonated. I knew there were many variations of what success meant.

So I reached out; I have recorded over 100 interviews talking to coaches, designers, journalists, entrepreneurs, authors, wellbeing specialists, film makers, musicians and movers and shakers.

I also record solo episodes where I share my expertise as qualified coach and my own experiences of being a personal brand with a portfolio career. I share business tools; how you can elevate your personal brand, earn more money in a flexible way to suit your life requirements and non negotiables, doing more of what you love and less of what you don't.

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