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Over the years as an actor I have had oodles of head shots taken.

Some have worked brilliantly i.e opened the casting door so I could get the job.

Some have been absolutely horrendous. Smudgy weird make up, a fringe which had parted at a right angle (still not quite sure why the photographer didn't tell me...I do believe she had had a few wines...but that's another story) and clothes that didn't feel or look like me.

I have been an actor for 25 years and although I don't LOVE having my photo taken, I am used to it.

I was also an acting agent for 5 years so saw a lot of head shots...again some brilliant ones and some absolutely horrendous ones.

As part of that role, I would often accompany actors to shoots to help with the direction and style but most importantly help the actor to be the most confident version of themselves.  

Certainly now I have added coach, writer and speak to my portfolio and regularly featured in leading publications. I need to look the part and slick head shots are an important part of this...

Nicky Raby

The thing is now we all need head shots and photography for our 'personal brand'.

We need to see you so we can know, like and trust you and ultimately buy from you; buy into your idea, service, concept, brand.   

Yes of course, we are in a world of selfies and filters and we can snap a half decent pout in seconds but I am talking about going pro... becoming visible... showing up... being open for business. Actually showing the best version of yourself in the big wide world!

As much as we may day dream about the 90s film montage- a bangin' soundtrack whilst you strut out of the changing room in another ensemble... the reality may in fact be very different! Fear may strike... which may look like you NOT booking the shoot even though you need to do it (and perhaps been putting off for months?!)

But if you spend time and effort in the planning stages of your head shots, the whole process doesn't have to be completely unpleasant.

In fact, it will be easy and straightforward and not in the least bit overwhelming.

Plus you will have me by your side to enjoy the whole creative process with.

And course a few added bonuses... in fact they are pretty AMAZING

OUTSTANDING head shots will:

  • Show your audience that you mean business. What you have to offer is worth considering and investing. 

  • Allow you to charge more. A sharp looking version of you is going to command a higher price tag. Even if you are just starting out a great brand will look accomplished and established. 

  • Make you stand out, be memorable and the 'go to' person in your field. I am not interested in copy cats here- these days I shoot what I want. What makes me feel great. NOT what the industry expects. 

  • Represent who you are. Just because other people are jumping for joy on a perfect beach / looking longingly over their Mac over a cobbled street / casually looking at their toes in front of a multi coloured door or wall doesn't mean you have to. This is about you and what you want to show. You will have your own brilliant version. 

  • You will be ready for the next opportunity. How many times have you held yourself back; pitching the email, asking for the press coverage, showing who you really are online (instead just hiding behind a jazzy graphic) because you didn't feel ready. You will be now...

  • You didn't feel confident about sending over your current snaps...one of you looking bronzed and relaxed on your honeymoon. The tricky thing is- it is a bit booby, you have a big old cocktail in your hand and even if you super imposed your partner's head out of the shoot, you will still look like you have three arms. Plus it was 5 years ago and you don't really look like that anymore. 

Here's the kicker...

We know how important they are but we still don't book the shoot and here's why...

  • We don't know the first thing about photos...what to go for, what to shoot, where to start. ( Don't worry I do and I have been helping others plan their strategy for many years)

  • We don't want to look like we are showing off / being full of ourselves so we don't fully relax in front of the camera. Then what happens? A set of photos which are okaaaay but not amaaaazing. 

  • We tell ourselves we are not ready and we just need to wait a little long...to lose the weight / get our hair to the 'right' length / look less tired. However there is no perfect time... whilst you wait, your competitors are enjoying that you are waiting. They may be less experienced than you but they have clients. 

So how can I help you? I can help you figure out...

  • The brief. What you need and why you need it. What you want to gain? Who you want to attract? What is the overall tone? 

  • Photographer and location ideas. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you figure out the logistically and who you need to help you. 

  • 'I just need some reallly good shots, that look like me'. This statement brings the whole process to a standstill because it doesn't encourage you to move forward. I will help you to figure out what you want to show. The style, the tone, the overall feel. So on the day you have an input (therefore results you are happy with) and it feels like a collaborative process, rather than you feeling clueless, unsure and just nodding along with whatever your photographer says (even if you disagree!)

  • A friendly support. Having your photo taken can make you feel extremely vulnerable. I know because I have been there. I have had the creepy 'Show me that sexy smile, babe' photographer which just made me look odd and as though I was having a mild stroke. On the flip side I have shoots where I have had brilliant experiences and been really chuffed with the results. All of the work we do together beforehand will make you feel focused and free on the day because you will know what you are doing. 

  • You will have a tool box of resources... techniques that you can tap into so you are your most confident self. All of these tools will help you to feel less like a twerp dangling in the middle of the street. 

  • To be the best version of you right now. The last head shots I had were in December. I almost didn't shoot them. My baby was only 14 months old. I had only just stop breastfeeding. I wasn't entirely happy with my body shape. My face looked tired as I hadn't slept for about two years BUT I shot them anyway. I did this work (see below) I got an amazing blow dry, brought my A game ('What would Beyonce do?') and do you know what? They are some of the best photos I have ever seen of myself. They have been featured in magazines, got me meetings and WORK. Yes, clients, my friends!

If you are a personal brand or small business owner you can't wait any longer. We need to see you. The best version of you. There is no right way to do this. Just your way. 

How it works: 

  • Fill out the enquiry form below and tell me what you need. Myself or a team member will email you back and on agreeing to work together, we will send you the payment details. 

  • Your Pre work. You will receive a personalised branding pack which will help you to identify the results you would like to gain. 

  • Your 1:1 with me... This is an hour and a quarter session either live in person (London based) or on Skype. We will create your plan of action that will equip you with everything you need to execute your desired photo shoot. 

  • A full write up from me documenting everything we discussed in the session. During our live chat, all you have to do is concentrate on your ideas. I can also advise on locations or put you in touch with my tried and tested network of photographers to suit your budget and style. 

  • Email support between the live session and shoot... 'What do you think of this?' 'I have had this idea...' From our live session you will leave brimming with ideas but you will probably want more support; another point of view, a second opinion, someone in the know to discuss the practicalities. I am your girl. 

  • I can even come to the shoot on the day to be an extra pair of hands so you get the most amazing results. No weird fringe movements, no Keith Richards eyeliner (unless the desired look) and will bring plenty of encouragement and good vibes. (additional code of £100 per hour and a half).

Fill in the form below and tell me all about where you are at and what you need. Nicky X

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