This group programme is currently closed and will reopen in June.

Feel free to email me to be added to the waiting list, so I can send you the details when it reopens. 

Nicky Raby

Whether you know it is time to stop practising and go pro


you have been doing this a while and you are due a refresh,

you are in the right place.

Warning... I am not going to show you how to build a successful business/brand in 4 easy steps. Mainly because success is sooo subjective. I am interested in what you want to create and how you make that a reality in a way that suits you. That is my sweet spot and how I can really support you.

The online world is so busy with big promises...'Just do these three things and overnight you will have a seven figure business' or the endless to do lists of sales funnels, Facebook ads, accounting systems...never mind creating clients/customers to actually get the money through the door.

Plus lots of those elements rely on other people's companies...which may be here to stay or are just stopping by for a fleeting moment. As you are always going to be the common denominator in your business, it is much safer to spend lots of time working on yourself and your development. 

At the point of writing, I have worked with over 700 clients and never do I coach from a perspective of 'one size fits all' because it really doesn't. It all starts with you. You know you the best; your circumstances, your preferences and skills.

That said, often my clients have similar wishes on their wish list... 

To create a personal brand/business that feels really good; aligned with their personality and values.

To have flexibility and control to work with their individual circumstances; devise their own hours, be present parents (if applicable), to live a full life throughout the week (not just living for the weekend), to work remotely, to make space for more of what they love. 

To earn well. Something that comes up a lot in my Instagram lives is the limiting phrase 'It will be ok if I can just make my bills'. I always question this and encourage the idea of dreaming bigger. After all bills are every changing and to be honest you are too good at what you do and work too hard to just scrap by.  

To be able to create passive income. Maybe you only have limited hours per week to run your business (and these are ever changing) so it would be wonderful to have options to earn whilst you sleep (if sleep occurs in your house?!)

Most of the time, the vision for my clients is very clear. They love talking about it; brainstorming, plotting, visualising, pondering..doing all the fun stuff with Sharpie pens.

However once the fun is bit over, there is always a 'I know I do, but do I really have to do this?...' stage.

After the big plans, this is when all the limiting beliefs, questions and obstacles come out to play...

Any of these sound familiar? 

'Who am I to do this, can I really sell this?'

'I'm not ready and besides everyone looks so much further on than I am'

'I am really struggling for time at the moment, I am overwhelmed and really don't know what to focus on. Plus I spend way too much time on Instagram'

'Money is such a stress, my bank account is constantly in feast or famine mode but I don't know how to change that'

'I doubt myself, I have Imposter syndrome, on bad days, I doubt whether any of this is worth it and I should just get a proper job'. 

If you are saying yes to one or every single one, please know you are not alone.

At some stage or another, I would have ticked every single box and regularly still do.

This is completely normal.

Creating your own gig from the ground up may in fact be the biggest self development journey of your life.

There is always something to learn and grow.

I know you are capable of great things. I know you can make this work but you need support to do this. No one is born an entrepreneur with all the answers. Over the years, I have spent 1000s of pounds on my own business and life coaching. 

I want to help you build from where you are right now and make progress.

I want to get into the nitty gritty of your current situation, where you want to be and how you can build a realistic, fun, consistent plan to make it happen. 

Please note the doors close on the group programme on 1st April 2018 at 7:30pm

and will not open again until the summer. 

At the grand old age of 36, I can finally confirm I have a portfolio career. I always have done but for some reason I really struggled to communicate this. I used to hate the question 'So what do you do then?'

I wished it was simpler to explain without sharing my life history.

Now I can say it; I am an actor, business and life coach, speaker, writer and podcaster. I am a mum to one and partner to Matt and have about 15 different revenue streams.

If I was feeling bold, I could direct them to my website to read more. Isn't strange, how difficult it can be to sell/talk about what you do?

I fully embrace the fact that I don't work 9-5. I don't do just one thing. I love what I do. I relish the feeling of possibility and opportunity. I love that I can work remotely when my partner is away on tour. I love that I live in London and coach the most amazing people in real life in a beautiful environment. I love that I am a present Mum but also earn well and am still continuing to build my career and showing my son how hard work, focus, determination and strategy can pay off. 

Before you roll your eyes, please know I DO NOT have a perfect life. I don't have this all figured out. I have made many mistakes, that I will not be repeating and have definitely learnt from. I have had many ugly cries. I have had many rejections. I have had many days where I didn't want to get out of bed. I have got in my own way and blocked my progress. But the thing that has changed is my awareness. I now know what to look for, I now take better care of myself and trust the process. Obviously this is all a work in progress.

The price to join us is a one off fee of £347. All sales are final. 

So let's get to how it works:

Firstly you will receive personalise pre work. I want to know what you want to gain. What are your objectives? What outcomes do you want? What is missing for you? Where do you need help/support?

Next we book our session. You will get an hour with me ( in person at Century in Soho, London or via Skype) to build your strategy/pick my brains/brainstorm ideas/create an action plan. There is no size fits all and depending on your outcomes you can use the session how you see fit. The first five people to book will also get an extra half an hour 1:1- you can either tag on to your first session or use with 3 months.

Next the ongoing support. One of the pieces of information I hear all the time is around accountability. We can all get all 'Woo yeah' in the moment but what about consistently?

Starting on April 1st, I am going to be supporting you for the next eight weeks 

There will be a live online workshop every other Sunday. We are going to be focusing on four key areas. On weeks 1,3,5,7, I will be hosting a live online workshop which I will share additional information and give you the opportunity to ask questions and get further feedback. I will go live at 7:30pm until approximately 9pm. There will be a replay if you can't join us live and you are welcome to send questions in advance. 

We are going to be covering so much good stuff, here is a summary :

(You will receive an email once Module One goes live- keep a look out, it may be before April 1st)

Module one nIcky Raby

(This is released on April 1st and will be our focus for weeks 1 and 2)

Your vision. What are you building? What's important? What do you have to consider? How can you use your skills, your personality, your talents, your experience to make your work work for you.

In this module, I will be helping you to gain clarity, to identify the details and then to build a plan to make it happen. This work may evoke lots of 'Ohhh I never even thought of that but I could totally do it' or 'Actually I am much closer than I thought I was' or 'Why am I spending so much time on that, I just need to say no, draw a line under it and then do what I'm supposed to do'. I always do a lot of work around Imposter Syndrome, giving yourself permission to want what you want, to start from a place that feels good and letting go of limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Module Two

(This will be released on April 15th and will be our focus for weeks 3 and 4)

Services, Products, Money. Your business, your choice. I know making consistent income can be a tricky nut to crack. You are constantly waiting for the next client, the next yes or sale. I am going to help you create various revenue streams so you are not reliant on just one. I am also going to give you full access to my Passive Income course (which usually sells for £49) and you can create methods of making money whilst you sleep...or not in the room. Also I am going to be helping you with sales, money blocks that could be getting in your way and helping you decide on your pricing.


(This will be released on April 29th and will be our focus for weeks 5 and 6)

Your brand. How you can create your online/offline presence that feels like you? Sometimes there is a pressure that we have to be like everyone in our industry...everything gets a bit samey. I promise that you can do things your way. We will be going into detail on websites (what is most helpful to your customer and you the business owner), head shots (how to prep, what to say to a photographer, why they are important), how to write your 'about' page, how your story can impact and convert your customer and how you can overcome the fear of 'putting yourself out there'. I will also cover visibility, how your customer can get to know you and how you can show that you are great at what you do without being a sleazy pants.


 (This will be released on April 13th and will be our focus for weeks 7 and 8)

In order for your brand/business to accelerate, I want to help you get the 'behind the scenes' stuff in place so you can grow. I will be talking about systems, boundaries, templates and communication. There will be lots of productivity exercises so you can identify what would be a great use of your time and how you can manage procrastination and get stuff done. Also how you can manage yourself. What do you need to put in place so you can excel. I will be helping you to move out of your comfort zone so you become the person/business/brand you always envisaged.

Finally to keep you on track. You will receive a personalised check in from me every Monday morning. I will be guiding you to make a plan of action for the week ahead. Again, we all love a bit of accountability. Plus you will be able to save the trail of emails for future reference. 


The price to join us is a one off fee of £347. All sales are final. 

Who is going to benefit from this? 

You may have a business/brand already or may be in the early stages, either is fine.

You may be a service or product based business or a personal brand/influncer

You are ready to focus. You make a plan. To go to the next level. 

You are ready to commit. Don't worry, you will be able to access all the content after 8 weeks. That will stay live for you so if you have other commitments to work with over the next 8 weeks, you can make it work.

More money, time, visibility, focus brand awareness, customers/clients and most importantly a STRATEGY to move you forward. Less stress, inconsistency, overwhelm, confusion, insecurity and less 'I don't know where to start'

The price to join us is a one off fee of £347. All sales are final. 

We start on April 1st and will run for 8 weeks. Once you have joined, I will be in touch to arrange your session. Plus your pre work will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

Is there a monthly fee? 

No, it is a one off payment. One you are in, you are in. 

If the course is not for me, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. All sales are final. 

How will I know when new content has been released? 

You will receive an email with updates so you can log in and find all the goodies. Given the accountability aspect of the course, don't worry you will be hearing from me a lot. 

How do I access the content?

When you make your payment, you will create log in details. You will receive a confirmation email to say your payment has gone through. I will be in touch shortly with the next steps. 

Any technical issues, please use the contact page and myself or one of my team will get back to you within 24 hours.