At the time of writing, I have coached over 1000 people. I prefer to work face to face in central London but I do work internationally. Feel free to have a read of my options below. If you need to talk to me beforehand, feel free to book a free 15 minute session with me via my contact page


a one off snappy session with a week’s support

Exactly that. You can ask me anything.

Over the years I have 'figured out' how to make my life and business compliment each other.

I have spent 1000s of pounds on my personal development, coaching credentials and business tools. I have made many mistakes, which I am happy to share so you don't have to.


a full day or half day intensive to help you make a plan

Sooo you may have been doing this a while. I know you are short on time. Sometimes your business feels scattered and you feel you always have so much to do. Your To Do list never seems to get any shorter. You find it difficult to know how to get to the next level. You know you are good at what you do. So you want to enjoy the rewards and your version of 'success' OR You are right at the beginning. Where do you even start? What is important? What do you do with all the ideas? How do you keep the voices in your head in check and change them to 'Actually I can do this and I am doing this'

Monthly packages Nicky Raby


Since qualifying, I have coached over 1000 clients. Although I would never declare or share a 'one size fits all' method, I have seen many similarities.

1) Ideas take time to bring to life. There is a rarely an overnight success.

2) Support is key. Working with someone who is going to be able to help you fly and help you identify a way of working smarter not harder.

3) Not all progress and momentum comes from face to face support, trainings and workshops that work within your lifestyle allow you to have that 'thinking time' and those aha moments privately.