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Direct from your sofa…

Over the years I have invested thousands of pounds in my own education and business development; much of which has been from the comfort of my sofa.

I am an introvert and a busy working mum and so like to be able to learn on my terms and I want to support you to do the same. I find it frustrating that so often the world of wellbeing is out of so many people’s budgets.

In my online workshops, I want to provide a lower cost option (with no less of the value) so you can begin to make progress.


6th June 2019 | 1-2:30pm

Ok, you probably have some idea. In fact you may even be pretty clear in your vision. The bleeping may just pop up on the sleep deprived, hormonal, overworked days.

However on a regular basis…

You may be feeling: 

- Stuck: Too much to do and so little time. Your to do list is ever growing which quickly leads to overwhelm. 
- Burnt out: You are always thinking about your business and it seems to be ruling you instead of you ruling it. You are tired, feeling out of sorts and generally wish things were a bit easier. 
- Anxious: About money, about your plans, the impact on your life and whether all the hard work will be worth it. It can feel like you are padding through mud and not getting anywhere fast. 
- Creative but procrastinating: You have lots of ideas and you know you are good at what you do but you need the momentum. You have a million and one notebooks/vision boards/scraps of paper/notes in your phone but you need a plan to action everything. You are feeling a bit stop/start in terms of action, results and your general headspace. 

Don't worry I have got you covered. 

I have been there (and sometimes visit) all of the above scenarios. 

For me 'think positive' doesn't cut it. Yes, a positive mindset is helpful but it is the only the beginning. 

In this workshop I am going to be sharing a proven system that you can adapt to suit your business/personality and circumstances. 

How to clearly define what you are building and where you need to focus. 

How you can break everything down so you take daily action without spiralling. 

How you can increase your income streams, awareness and prices. 

How you can create places where you can capture your ideas that actually come to fruition. 

How you can organise home/life/commitments/daily to dos with more ease and flow. 

I know you are going to leave this session with clarity, a plan, space to think and direction. 

The full replay is available for you if you can't join live and is yours to keep. 

The workshop will go live at 1pm- 2:30pm (with time for questions afterwards if you have them or you can email them to me and I will voice note the answers to you privately). 

The link will be sent to you just before 1pm.