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Direct from your sofa…

Over the years I have invested thousands of pounds in my own education and business development; much of which has been from the comfort of my sofa.

I am an introvert and a busy working mum and so like to be able to learn on my terms and I want to support you to do the same. I find it frustrating that so often the world of wellbeing is out of so many people’s budgets.

In my online workshops, I want to provide a lower cost option (with no less of the value) so you can begin to make progress.


17th april 2019 | 1-2:30pm

I have never had a traditional job title... since I left drama school in 2003, I have always created a career full of many elements. 

I was the first in my family to do this. I didn't know anyone else who was living in this way but I was committed to creating my own blend of projects. 

I had some key elements; organised, professional, loyal, proactive...however there was so much more to it. How do you explain what you do without sounding flaky 'a Jack of all trades and a master of none', chaotic and over complicated. 

I bought a website in a box...yes that was a thing back in the day :)

I downloaded it onto my reluctant Dell computer and started to share what I did. But I held back. I didn't highlight any of my other skills. This was waaaay before the evolution of the personal brand. It wasn’t cool or championed to be multi-faceted.

These days there is an openness around having a portfolio career. Some days I work in a very traditional way...i.e. conducting a 1:1 coaching session. Other times I am invited to collaborate and contribute to projects that require my combination of skills.

However this has only occurred because I have learnt how to share these skills in an engaging and comprehensive way.

A website is great but sometimes can be restrictive.

I know pitching and promoting can feel all kinds of scary. But you can do it and I will show you how.

At the time of writing I have recorded nearly a 150 podcasts and spoken at Stylist Live, MTV, Arcadia, Google, MOO to name a few.

I receive pitches every day from personal brands who want to be on my podcast, however the email is so nondescript. I also generate a lot of my own work…putting the time into creating an engaging, interesting, non generic, value driven portfolio has paid off so many times.

In this masterclass I am going to help you to build your portfolio that highlights what you can do and what you could do.

Here’s what we will cover:

What the reader needs to know about you. Starting from scratch can feel like an enormous task…what do I write about myself?? I hate talking about myself!! Will I sound like a sleazy pants?

How to show you are an expert in your field, even if you don’t feel like one yet.

How to share what you can offer so you are working in your ‘zone of genius’ but not so rigid that you can’t be open or a match for a bespoke opportunity.

How to share your USP clearly; to show your competence but not come across as arrogant or full of yourself.

How to put together excellent copy so you can elevate your brand/business to the next level and gain the attention of those who need to know about you.

How it works:

The workshop will be live on Wednesday 17th 2019 | 1:00-2:30pm (The link will be sent just before 1pm)

This is an hour and a half workshop and will receive the recording straight afterwards. No worries if you can't join live, you will receive a full replay.

You may also share your take aways with me the following week... accountability is everything. Share your thoughts, ideas and action steps. Plus receive a personalised voice note from me if you have any questions and want my feedback.

25th APRIL 2019 | 1PM-2:30PM

At the time of writing I have produced over a 150 episodes of my podcast. It has been featured in the top 100 business podcasts on iTunes. 

I wrote a book in 2014. 

I regularly produce content for online courses, social media and various other platforms. 

I know you want to create things too to share; that will add value, serve your customers/clients and bring more brand awareness. 

However it can be scary to start something...will it work? How will people find it? Will people like it? How can I attract an audience?  Hasn't it been done before? Will the hard work be worth it? 

I am going to give you a framework to follow: 

1) Identify your desired what do you want to achieve by starting this products. Knowing your end goal in specific detail will help you to use your time, energy and money effectively. 

2) Your USP...But doesn't everyone have a podcast? But there is already someone in my industry doing what I want to do, is there space for me too? 
I will help you to identify your USP, your brand message, your values and pillars so you can make decisions quickly and work strategically to grow. 

3) How to begin... building a structure, setting yourself up for success, creating a schedule that feels good and that your audience will love. 

4) Technology... I know thinking about technology can bring out all the feels... so I will help you to break down the process. You can ask me what to use, specifying your needs, how to maintain customer service and experience and how to keep things simple so it feels easy and full of flow rather than stressful. 

Online workshop. April 25th | 1:00-2:30pm. Details will be sent to you just before 1pm and a full replay will be available for you to keep later on that day. 

Feel free to submit any specific questions in advance to Please state if wish to remain anonymous. 

You can save £10 by purchasing both workshops.

To gain access to both, use this payment link here