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'Do more of what you love and less of what you don't'

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As an experienced 'slasher' aka actor, coach, writer and speaker, there are many ways I can add value. Also I am a mother...but I don't get paid for that- well not in dosh! 

I have a dedicated 'services' page where I share my coaching packages, my online programmes and products. You can also use my 'contact page' to share your request. Please give me as much information as you can and myself or one of my team will get back to you shortly. 


My acting background has served me well... as a coach I am often invited to be a speaker/expert panelist.

Recents talks have been at Google, Warrior Woman Project (in association with DOVE) Kingston University and I'More women in business. Themes you could expect are women in business, motherhood and freelancing, creativity, managing a portfolio career and having an idea and making it happen aka THE PLAN. 


I love live events...I even like networking (I know!)

Find out more about my current calendar of events or find out how I can add enormous value to yours. 

Where it all began...

I have been an actor for 25 years and worked in TV, film, theatre and commercial. Click below to access my Spotlight link and agent details.

Plus as a featured expert for The Stage and Surviving Actors you can find lots of helpful resources for actors including videos, blogs and online programmes. I wrote a book called 'Be Ready for your Lucky Break' and I am frequently invited to host talks that help actors to build their strategy for their dream career. 

my story

I hail from Lincolnshire...

I left home at 18 and headed for the bright lights drama school.

At 35 I am still here and live with my partner of ten years and our toddler son. These days I only do work that I love; I combine my skills in a way that suits me and allows me also to be a present parent. I have found my own groove... but it wasn't always like this. In fact there have been many bumps which gives me a great understanding and empathy when coaching my clients. 

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I know coaching is a serious investment. I know because I do it myself.

If you have questions, please email your details and upon request an introductory call will be set up. 


I am a personal performance coach

Certified by the Coaching Academy in 2013, I have since coached over 600 clients. I work 1:1 and regularly host groups workshops. I am frequently hired to work with business organisations and often specialise in the 'Life after maternity leave niche' to empower ambitious mothers at work. I also have a number of online options for self study. Strategic, practical, holistic and warm. No nylon suits and patronising pashminas here! I promise I won't make you whoop and high five me!


I love it...

I have written my blog for 6 years and am regularly featured as a guest blogger or guest writer.

Likewise I am frequently asked to contribute to publications and interviewed. You can find articles about Goal setting | Making it happen | Time management | Boundaries | Getting started | Saying no | Book recommendations and my favourites.

Find out how we can work together...

Yes....this floats my boat

I am an ideas machine and love collaborating and making creative projects happen. I love collaborating, making innovative content, storytelling, inspiring and am PR friendly.  Oh and tea... lots of tea.