#MUMWINS: An audio programme that is all about you as the mama

#MUMWINS: An audio programme that is all about you as the mama


'Awwww how's your little one?' or 'Ohhhh, so cute, can I have a cuddle?'

Of course, we all love that others love our kids/babies. After all it takes a village as the saying goes, but do you ever want to say...'But what about me?'

Often the little one is absolutely fine but as the mum you may be running on empty, absolutely shattered, short on time or just having a shocker of a day.

As mums who love our children deeply- we never let them go without; their fundamental needs are always taken care of. But what about you? What do you need? 

This audio programme will help you to identify just that. I help you to get really clear so you can get a little more of what you need/want so you are fulfilled, nourished and taken care of. 

The audio is about an hour and ten minutes- so stick your headphones in and pace around the park, sit in a darkened room with a strong gin or run a hot bath. 

Please ask for what you need as you are very important too. I would love to hear your #mumwins so please email me or share on social media using the #mumwins and tag me @nickyraby