As a mum myself, I attract many clients that are also mums. Mainly because I get it. I get the roller coaster of emotions, I get the sleep deprivation and the general feeling of 'Waahhhh' but also understand about identity aka who the heck are you, now that you are a mum?!

So this is all about you. Yep, not the baby/toddler/child- you.

Becoming a mum has been wonderful but tough. It is exhausting but also energising as I don't have time/energy/inclination to sweat the 'small stuff' and can now only concentrate on the bigger stuff. But I am not a superwomen. I need help, direction, support and care. I thought I knew 'busy'; late nights, early mornings and multi tasking. Then I had a baby- ha!

The truth is... we are all just figuring it out. The best way we can and doing a brilliant job. As I write this I have a teething toddler, a stack of ironing and a kitchen that looks like a teenage house party has descended.

So how can I help?

I offer 1:1 sessions to help you figure out your next chapter with the addition of your new role as a mum.

Pre baby I thought the 'me time' I would crave would be a massage or getting my nails done. Yes they are great but what I have actually need is interaction. Time to find the new 'me'. Discussions with other mums who inspire me and show me that I don't just have to talk about nappy cream. I can create my own pic 'n' mix.

I offer a Strategy session, a 3 month programme or a half day VIP day (email me to enquire).

You may want to start a business, figure how a new blend of work and home or simply figure out how you can use your

talents and skills to make money and still be a present parent. 

Or maybe you need to figure how you can incorporate other elements? Another baby, more time for you or

a sense of a little more balance.

The sessions are available in person (if London based) over the phone or over Skype/Facetime. 


The nitty gritty...Why coaching may be useful:

- I am not your partner/husband or opinionated family member/friend. I provide a neutral, confidential, non-judgemental sounding board to help you work through your options. You may have a fully executed plan you want to follow or you may have a list of ideals or options that you want to talk through.

-This is time that is carved out for you (uninterrupted and unapologetically). You tell me what you want to achieve and focus on and I tailor the session for you, no one size fits all. Before working together, I email you some pre-work to help you collect your thoughts so the session is going to beneficial for you. Your results are my number one priority so it is important for me to understand your expectations.

- You are likely to know what you would like (at least some idea...even if your answer is 'not this') but are looking for a plan to make it happen. I am very strategic and will help you create the next steps. No fluff (you may be sleep deprived and I don't want to add any further confusion to the mix) just practical solutions that take into account your life right now and the result you want.

- Coaching is a conversation. You can air your thoughts, ideas, options and ideals and I can help you formulate an action plan to move forward. I will never tell you to stop being ridiculous. Sometimes the most extreme of ideas need to be aired-even if you eliminate the majority and simply take away from one tiny nugget. 

- You may be coming to coaching for a variety of reasons. You may be questioning what you want to do work wise- return to your job, start a business, turn your hobby into a money making option to work around your children.Or maybe just need some help and support to work out a new set of logistics for your family. Or your own version. Feel free to email me any questions using the form below. 

So what next? Simply drop me an email (Nicky (@) be ready coaching (dot) com and let me know which package you would like to purchase: Strategy Session or the 3 months or enquire about the VIP half day with me.

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