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Mums aka the Jugglers:

As a freelancer, I have always had to be proactive, I create my own hours and I set my own boundaries. 'Working for myself' under my rules brings huge empowerment, satisfaction and enjoyment, however it does require a lot of hard work, motivation and get up and go.

I thought I knew 'busy'; late nights, early mornings and multi tasking. Then I had a baby and had to figure out how being a mama and working would work together for our family-it is different for everyone.

This is a whole new level of busy; a shared calendar, applying makeup whilst my son shows me his 'squirmy chimp on my lap' impression and having to do daily tasks such as showering and washing up in record time (I do think there should be some kind of Olympic standard!). I know I'm not going to war and I'm no busier than anyone else- life has just got more hectic and I've had to adjust accordingly. 

I am an avid reader and love reading inspiring stories- especially about working mums and hearing strategies for success. I love being a mother, but I do know that for me, continuing my work and using my creative brain also is essential, not only for my general wellbeing but also for the strong work ethic, I want to share with my son. Plus financial independence is important to me. However due to logistics and wanted to be a 'present' mum my blend of work/life balance has become a new picture. 

During the last months of my pregnancy, I was feeling good (albeit a bad back which now makes perfect sense as my baby was 9lbs 10oz and I am only 5 foot 2) and I naively thought I would have a couple of weeks off and then I would write my international best seller (?!) whilst the baba slept peacefully by myself in some kind of cosy cocoon.

Hmmm. This wasn't the case.

pregnancy blog

Welcome to a new collection of writings.

2015 was a busy year creatively but also physically, emotionally, psychologically and in many other wonderful and crazy ways (many of which I hadn't anticipated).

Yep I had a baby. Our beautiful son was born in October, so the majority of this year has been spent being pregnant or as a new mama.

As many parents know, pregnancy and parenthood can be an amazing time (and it is for the majority of time) however there are many other layers of emotions. Plus add in a huge dollop of new hormones - I was promptly banned from watching DIY SOS as the sniffing pretty much began in the opening credits.

I remained fairly cautious throughout my pregnancy and didn't want to buy anything too early because a) despite my ever growing bump and my inability to fasten my trainers (the flip flops were still shamelessly on in October), I couldn't quite believe I would have a baby at the end of the 40 weeks- I know how mad that sounds, perhaps it is Mother Nature's way of protecting you and b) the 'stuff' takes up sooo much space and when clumsiness became the new norm, I needed clear pathways around the house.

Now feels the right time to document. I don't profess to know all the answers or to be an expert, all I have is my own experience.

However the topic of becoming a parent can be a jungle- books, videos, apps and advice from others- there is so much information out there. It can be quite overwhelming, tricky to navigate and difficult to know what is going to suit you and your needs.

So hopefully in these blogs, you may find some useful nuggets that will work with your lifestyle and your baby. 

Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey.