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Sang to the tune of ‘Let’s get physical!’…obviously :)

Ok, so this is maybe when I need to ask the question of ‘Do you want to live your dream and work your own hours and do more of what you love’. Perhaps there should be a picture of me in a bikini with big heels, even bigger hair and a florescent green juice.

I know many coaches show this version of ‘visible’…I show you my travels, my designer hand bag and how many shoes I have.

However this isn’t my reality of ‘success’. I am a working Mum raising a young family. I am not travelling every week. I am not hanging around Bond Street and I frequently working in some suspicious loungewear and a Mum bun.

Showing how you can help people and sharing your message and your brand has to be about you. I can spot copy cats a mile off. For me things have to feel good. If it feels good, I am more likely to share. When we work out what works for us; our personality, our goals, our circumstances everything feels so much easier and we see results; increased brand awareness, more clients/customers, exciting opportunities and a happy bank balance.

When we start our businesses…we know what we are good at. It usually begins with a skill, a talent or an experience to share. Very quickly it becomes apparent that there are many more pieces to running your own gig; some of which may not be in your natural comfort zone.

I recently read the results of survey detailing where people struggle in their business.

1) Getting consistent clients/customers

2) Selling/pitching/promoting to get the above.

I know both of those tasks can seem enormous. Especially if you have no idea where to start.

In February 2019, I shared daily podcasts to help you accelerate your brand/business.

I loved creating the content and also throughly enjoyed the feedback and the messages of:

‘Nicky this was the shove I needed, I have sent the email (Finally!)’

‘Listening to today’s episode has made me look at my numbers and become clearer about my strategy as I need to create more profit’

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I get results in my business when I am consistent and taking action every day. This is something I have to work on as we all have days when we want to mindlessly watch Grand Designs with a strong selection of snacks :)

In the beginning of my coaching business, I used to listen to endless You Tube videos/podcasts/webinars and feel all inspired. However I didn’t implement.

Firstly because it often felt scary and I regularly convinced myself I wasn’t ready and secondly because it all felt very overwhelming.

If my business/brand had been a physical shop, the analogy I would use would be that I spent a lots of time rearranging the shelves, dusting them, attending to them and enjoying the view without actually opening the door/shouting about my business so my customers could actually find me and BUY from me.

BECAUSE you kind of need people to buy so you have a BUSINESS. I know that sounds obvious but I needed to hear this myself.

Selling / Putting yourself out there / Saying you are available to do a fantastic job can be scary.

For most of us this completely contradicts what we were taught or learnt in school.

Here are a few attributes that were celebrated in my school:

  • Blending in…be like everyone else. Follow the crowd. Wear an identical Kappa jacket. Don’t be an individual.

  • Don’t get above your station. Don’t dream big. Don’t question (do not pass go and collect £200!) simply concur with the current situation.

  • Don’t blow your own trumpet, don’t share that you are good at something or do an excellent job. Put your hand down. Do not show off.

My goodness these beliefs stayed with me for years and sometimes still pop up to say hello. However I have found a way to move forward anyway.

On being asked to talk about our businesses, our default settings can be ‘NOOOO, please don’t make me’ ‘I’m not good at that’ or ‘I hate public speaking!’

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I have watched so many video trainings on ‘How to sell’ or ‘Follow my 3 part formula and you too can become a 6 figure business owner over night’.

It turns out, there isn’t an exact formula or method to follow.

In fact the main realisation I have had is you have to do the mindset work and figure out what is going on for you and how you can make the process feel good and aligned with your personality.

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So for the next 31 one days I am going to be helping you to get massive results…

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Here’s what you will gain:


  • Your short term and long term goals for your brand and your business. (This is super important to you actually build the business/brand you want)

  • Understanding what visibility means to you and what measurable results you are looking for.

  • Becoming familiar with your USP, your differences, creating your compelling story and utilising your strengths.

Getting Visible:

  • How to maximise your online and offline presence so people get to know you, your business and your offering.

  • How you can be most valuable to your clients without doing things that you don’t want to do (for me, it is Facebook group)

  • How you can sell consistently and kindly with integrity ie not being sleazy

  • How to pitch and create opportunities

Setting yourself for success and boosting confidence:

  • Finding ways to do things on your own terms and in a way that feels good.

  • Uncovering obstacles that may be holding you back and understanding how you can flip them around to work in your favour.

  • Easy ways that you can build a strategy and content so your business grows consistently rather than have the panic of ‘Oh no I haven’t posted this week or I haven’t made a sale for a while…’

Building a plan for the next 60 days so you can see results

  • I will be helping you to make a plan to make it happen so you can work smarter not harder (this is key)

  • How you can gain the trust of your customers so you can create passive income (one of my goals was to be able to make sales without being in the room. A few weeks back £1000 of sales came into my business whilst I was making dinner for my son)

  • You will have a framework to work with so you can be strategic, focused, and ‘in the flow’ so you get the results you want.

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You can purchase at anytime, the 30 days are all ready and waiting for you.

How do I access the course?

During payment you will create log in details. Once the payment has been received, you will receive an email confirming the details.

Any technical issues, please get in touch via the contact page (please allow 24 hours for a reply).

If the course is not for me, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not, all sales are final.

How long do I get access to the content?

You have access to the content as long as the course is in existence. No hurry to do everything in a couple of weeks.