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It is time. You know it. You can't ignore it any longer.

All the signs are there. You know you need to shake things up a little; try something new. 

You know because you have probably tried before; bought a book, attended a talk, or talked it over with a pal over some wines. 

But then something stopped you. Yes, it could have been a logistical obstacle, but the likelihood is that FEAR appeared. 

'Can I do this?' 'What if it doesn't work? 'I have too many responsibilities now- I can't afford it to get this wrong'. '

What will people think?' 'What if it all goes wrong?' 'What if I get found out?'

Plus the 219 other reasons that are getting in your way. I know because I fear get in the way for a long time too. 

BUT you will be pleased to know. It is your time. 


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Yep, it's scary...

But sometimes you just have to decide.

To say now is the right time; even if you don't know HOW you are going to make it happen. 


Here are a few things I have done in the last few years (all of which were scary!) :

1) Left a job I could have easier stayed at- it was comfortable; I liked it, I was good at it. But it didn't fulfil my creative ambition. 

2) I had a baby- all 9 pound 10 ozs. A 3 day labour, emergency C section. I will spare you the full details. But I am so lucky to be his mama, I adore him (obviously got a little choked up writing this). 

3) I changed management. Again, lovely people. I could have stayed. But I knew I need to push myself to make some bold moves

4) I turned down the opportunity to cast for a job that would pay me £12,000 for 2 days work. A huge amount of money but it didn't align with me and sit with integrity- I need to play the long game. Plus my partner was offered the audition too. £24,000 for us as a family. Still no. 

5) I spent £600 on yoga classes. Yep. A huge investment again but if I don't have my core strength or mental agility I am pretty hopeless to anyone. I was the worst in the class but I needed to rebuild my body after a heavy baby, a knackered back and 13 months of breastfeeding. Sometimes you have to go all in (and not look in the mirror the first few times). Bizarrely after committing to regular classes I can now do some poses I couldn't do before I was pregnant. Obviously I don't get too smug as I quickly topple over...

6) I have streamlined my services. I have ditched certain elements I no longer want to do, I have increased my prices and only say yes to opportunities that expand me.

7) Rebranded. I spent hundreds of pounds on a photo shoot, a new wardrobe and hair and makeup. My job requires me to be visible. To connect, to speak out and to empower others. I couldn't do that half heartedly. (BTW I didn't feel ready to do the shoot; insecurities about my 'new body' came out to play. I had to ignore or at least tell them to quieten down.)

8) I moved everything I do to I used to have two separate sites; but I realised I was hiding behind a logo. To be the best coach to serve my clients, I need to be me; to show up, to relate, to support and to listen. 

Phew...better out than in...

I have worked with almost 600 clients now and I can help you figure out the next chapter; the change of job, pace, lifestyle aka creating success on your terms. 

I am a busy mum (plus actor, coach, speaker, writer) so I work effectively and practically, you don't have to go to Morocco to a silent retreat for fortnight to 'figure it out'

What's it all about? 

  • This is a 6 week 'it is time' package to help you stop feeling stuck, confused and unsure to what to do next. You will create a plan of action and you will see results and find solutions. (You have 8 weeks to use the sessions, in case life gets busy).

  • You get 6 x 1 hour sessions over the phone or skype (or in person if you wish, sessions take place in North London). I have a flexible, working calendar so I can always find a session time to suit you and your circumstances. 

  • Pre work before every session. Before we begin working together, you will receive lots of pre work to complete. Your results are key to this so the more I know what you need help with the better. Exercises will be sent between sessions too. 

  • Email support. You have access to my email to ask any questions or get the support/feedback you require. Between sessions can welcome doubt, uncertainty and insecurity, especially if you are making bold moves in your life. Not anymore. I will be by your side, supporting you all the way. 

  • Write up after every session. During our sessions I will be capturing your ideas and scribbling away so you don't have the pressure of writing everything down. My clients love this follow up; it is a refreshing reminder of the progress made, plus it details everything we discussed so none of your ideas were lost. 

  • Your personalised success toolkit; over the years I have built an impression collection of strategies, tools, exercises- many of which are fully recorded. If I have something that I think will help, I will share. 


Upon payment get immediate free access to my online course 'Going to the next level for introverts- personal branding and standing out from the crowd' usually £129. A perfect compliment to help you to connect and increase your presence and your visibility. Plus my guess is you want to earn more money, gain customers, welcome more fans, open doors and attract more amazing opportunities.

Investment is £850 (Payable via BACs- payment plans are available, please just ask).


Who is this for? 

  • For busy women like me. Who have some fairly big decisions to make... the niggle of 'Could I do x,y and z and make it work' is too loud to ignore. You may have small humans around you or demands of a busy job which require a lot of energy. These sessions and this time is all about you. Uninterrupted. 

  • Your new circumstances may require some shifts...maybe you are now a parent who needs to make working and raising a family work for you. Maybe you know it is your time to launch that business, start that passion project or take your career in a different direction. Or you are just bored and stuck and need this year to count. 

  • If you need the plan of action and the steps to follow. You may have the idea of what you would like but are stuck at the first step and you don't know how to move forward.

It is all doable... just ask my previous clients...

If you are ready to purchase please state below and I will share payment details.

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