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One of my favourite things to do is to speak on stage and share my toolkit.

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please come and say hello.

Speaking at MTV
Citizen M
Sheer Luxe


I am thrilled to be running a goal setting workshop at MTV/Viacomm’s Think Thursday.


I imagine at the beginning of 2019 you set some great income goals. I want to help you achieve those and more. 

Your time is your greatest asset, so I want to help you maximise it. 

As a creative business owner who has a portfolio career, I have always maintained and encouraged many income streams. 

I don't want to just work in a certain way. I want to earn money whilst I am sleeping. I want to offer a range of services. I want to show up and add value in numerous ways. 

the future assistant conference 2019 | 14th february 2019

Building resilience to navigate the future of the Assistant role 

Resilience is a key competency for Assistants and with the changing nature of the work that we do will become even more important. Resilience not only helps you overcome problems and obstacles it also helps you transform those obstacles into solutions and opportunities. In this workshop, Nicky will share with you her toolkit to support you through your next chapter. We will be taking a practical approach and looking at productivity, boundaries, managing awkward conversations, being assertive yet discerning and helping you to work smarter not harder. Suffer from Imposter Syndrome? That will be a thing of the past! Not only will you gain information that will help you to excel at work, you will also be able to apply it at home/daily life so you can create that work/life blend that is your version of success. 

Book your tickets below. I have a 10% code ‘SPEAKER19NR’

citizenM Tower of London Hotel | 20TH February 2019

Do you ever feel like an imposter in your own job? You may have the ‘imposter syndrome’, and you’re definitely not alone! We’ve invited a life coach to talk about the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of managing fear and self-doubt, rewiring self-perception, and enhancing confidence at work. You’ll get a chance to assess your achievements and goals, examine what success means to you, and consider what a fulfilling career looks like. You might just go to work the next day feeling like a brand new person!


THE SHEER LUXE SHOW | 28TH February 2019

I am a huge fan of the website and weekly show/podcast. I am excited to join Georgie and the team on the sofa to help you gear up for spring and create some exciting and compelling plans and goals.