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goal setting workshops Nicky Raby

setting up your spring goals | 27th March 2019

I imagine at the beginning of 2019 you set some great income goals. I want to help you achieve those and more. Even earning whilst you sleep or whilst navigating your own schedule. 

Your time is your greatest asset, so I want to help you maximise it. 

As a creative business owner who has a portfolio career, I have always maintained and encouraged many income streams. 

I don't want to just work in a certain way or be reliant on just one source. I want to show up and add value in numerous ways. 

We will be talking about streamlining, expanding, digital products, passive income and so much more. 

quarter two planning | 10am- 2pm | 1st April 2019

I know many of us regain our mojo as soon as the daffodils pop their heads up or the sky starts to look a little bluer. 

There is always someone in the supermarket in shorts in March too isn't there? 

I used to be someone who used to dream big...but only in my head. I used to day dream; muse and consider what I wanted to do with my life. 

But for the most part, didn't take enough action. Now I plan, I get clear on my outcomes and I dream big...but I make a plan to make it happen.

If you are a business owner/freelancer/personal brand this is for you.

For the most part you may be doing everything in your business and that can quickly spiral into feeling overwhelmed and anxious...

So here's what is included in the workshop:

Pre work for you to complete so I can understand how I can be most beneficial.

A day dedicated to working on your business (limited to only 4 people) to help you build a plan of action for the year ahead. (10am-2pm)

Exercises that will help you reflect the year of the first quarter so you can build and expand going forward. 

Streamline your work life so you earn more and spend more time doing what you love including introducing passive income streams. 

Devise a plan of action that is aligned to your life and circumstances. (There is no such thing as 'one size fits all' success.

An opportunity to gain feedback/ideas on your plans...(my workshops always attract supportive, encouraging women)

A beautiful setting; we will be at Century Members' Club in Soho (no kids/babies I'm afraid) - the perfect place to gain clarity and have the headspace to move forward. 

Lunch and refreshments

Access to my online course 'Business goals' - a perfect accompaniment which is packed full of resources to support you further. (usually £97)

Plus a week of email support after the workshop. You may leave fizzing with ideas and want to share them/get another perspective. 

Save £50 if you book before Monday 18th March 2019. Price increases to £249 after then.