This industry that we are in can be amazing; exhilarating, exciting, unexpected. When all is good, aren't we grateful that we didn't join our corporate friends and do a boring, 9-5 office job?

However the flip side can be exhausting, you know those times when the phone just isn't ringing. Or suddenly you just don't seem to be doing well or being 'in the zone' at auditions. Or you have had a succession of recalls and 'pencils' on extremely lucrative contracts but didn't land the job at the last minute.

This roller coaster can play havoc with our emotions and understandably so. Perhaps you have had a particularly tricky time of late and not sure of the next step? Don't worry, I've got your covered.

Here are 5 strategies that you can build into your tool box to help you get to the next level.

1. Decide

You are in control of how you conduct yourself and your own success rate, so simply decide to change it. After a run of bad luck, it can be easy to stay in that headspace and hold yourself back: "I probably won't get this job either" or "Is it worth me going?" or " I am not suited to this role- I'm likely just to make a fool out of myself".

Stop yourself and choose again. Replace these thoughts with more optimist ones. 

2. Don't take it personally

Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why you are not getting the job and we can expend so much energy taking the rejection personally. Please don't, it's such a waste. Instead remain future focused and concentrate on telling yourself 'My time is coming up' or 'I am excited to see what this month will bring'. Keep looking forward to a positive future rather than rattling around with a frustrated attitude. 

3. Be self aware

However perhaps there are changes you can make to increase your success rate. Have you become complacent? Have you got into some bad habits? Do you let your nerves get in the way? Are you showing the best of your abilities? 

Brainstorm some ideas of what you can do improve the situation. Maybe it is simply getting to the casting ten minutes earlier so you have more time with the script? Perhaps it is going to bed earlier so you feel fresh and less anxious? Or maybe listening to some 'feel good' music before a casting to put you in an upbeat mood'. 

4. Implement

It is your responsibility to make yourself feel good and positive. Not the responsibility of the casting director to make you feel good by giving you the job. So take the ideas from above and start to implement them. Make a conscious decision to change things up and see what a positive results you get. 

5. Try alternatives and get inspiration

I love the phrase 'A change is as good as rest' as it encourages us to try something else. Maybe you need some more time with family and friends to have fun and 'be you', rather than sitting at home analysing auditions. Or perhaps you need to attend a workshop or book in for some new acting classes- to get the creative juices flowing again. Whatever you choose. Don't just stay still and 'hope'. Push yourself to keep moving forward, even if you don't feel like it. By moving forward, momentum will build and the positive results will appear.