Changing agents can be scary. Proper scary. It's dipping your toe into the unknown and holding your breath at the same time. However as I always say, we shouldn't let our fear stifle us. We have to move through it.

I often get questions such as:  How should I go about it? How should I tell my old agent? What if I make a mistake and end up regretting the decision? 

However sometimes it can be the best decision that you can make. Very few actors have a career long partnership with an agent and it is completely normal to 'mix things up' However the process must be handled with respect, care and consideration. 

Here is a five step process to follow to help you navigate the next move for you...

1. Why do you want to move? 

Making a change needs to be made consciously and thoughtfully. I want you to ask yourself why you would like to move. This isn't a trick question, however knowing why you want to change, will help you find what you are looking for. Complete a pros and cons list- the advantage of staying and the advantages of moving. Add plenty of detail- if one of your reasons is 'time for a change' write down why. 

2. Consider what you want

Imagine you are creating your ideal profile of what you are looking for in an agent and in an agency. A few ideas to help you start are: the personality of the agent, the location, the connections and network, their specialities, their methods, their social media presence, their communication style, their ethos etc. 

3. Research

Don't fall into the trap of just asking your actor mates if their agent is good. An agent may be great for one actor but not a match for another. Using your criteria list start to research who would fit this profilePurchase or borrow a couple of 'Contacts' and start to investigate. Allow lots of time to do this and note your findings. Your findings may be useful when you come to contact the prospective agent. 

4. Keep your integrity and don't bad mouth your current agent

As you probably know many people 'talk' in this industry. Just because you have reached the end of your relationship with your current agent, be respectful, thankful and remain professional. Your focus should be on moving forward in a seamless and effortless way. Look at finding the easiest way to do this. Choose your battles and tie up any loose ends with ease. 

5. Remain future focused and be patient. 

Don't worry if it takes a little time. Be patient, it's kind of like a romantic relationship- don't just jump into another one immediately. Have the big picture in mind, be clear on your vision and take baby steps. 




All about Agents | Audio

How effective is your relationship with your agent? Do you have good communication? Do you get seen for all the castings that you want? Do you feel fully supported? 

If not, this audio is for you. 


This audio is designed to help you navigate the relationship between you the actor and your agent. You may be just starting out and looking for your first agent. You may want to hone your relationship with your current agent so it is more effective. Or you know it is time to move and seek new representation and you need some guidance. 

Here's what you will learn: 

  • How to get really clear on what your ideal career looks like, so your agent opens the right doors for you

  • How you could be getting in your own way and damaging the relationship

  • How to create your 'ideal agent profile' so you finally have representation that you are truly happy with. 

  • I take you behind the scenes of my own experiences as an agent and share with you my tips and strategies from an insider's point of view

  • How to create an action plan today so you don't waste your time and money and actually get results i.e get more auditions!

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