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Focus...getting back into the flow

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The summer has been hot and beautiful (hope you had a good one) and I have amassed a series of mega/exciting/bonkers ideas but what do I focus on? 

Are you the same? You know you want to do lots of things but the sheer length of your to do list can stifle you. Plus after the summer, your brain may not be as sharp as it was, so you need a little jump start to get you back into work mode. 

In this workshop, I will help you to map out a plan of action. We can brainstorm and explore your ideas and make sure they align with what your goals look like so you are focusing on the right things. 

Some typical topics that are likely to come up: what you want; what you want to do more of, what you want to do less of. What you want to grow, what you want to lose. How you want to spend your time and money and what 'success' in those areas looks like. 

Also how you want to work. Do you want to restructure your offerings? Do you want to branch out to a different market? Maybe you want to make some big old leaps but need to work on your mindset to get you there. 

I know you have lots of things cooking... I can't wait to see what you create!

General ticket is £85

Date: 6th September

Time: 10-12:30pm

Where: Century, 61-63 Shaftesbury Avenue. London

Includes refreshments and a week of email support. 

All sales are final, no refunds but are welcome to transfer to another event, subject to availability.