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Making friends with Imposter Syndrome (part two) | Digital Mums

I am thrilled to be collaborating with Digital Mums once again and discussing the topic of Imposter Syndrome and how we can work with it and not against it. I will be going live from Digital Mums HQ with Jo Dale.

The event is free, all you need to do is to join their Facebook group: 'Empowering Women with Work that works'

Imposter syndrome - how to get it out of your way and take your career to the next level!

Braving your comfort zone is so subjective. Beyonce can quite happily ace a sell out world tour, however for you, maybe the thought of going on Instagram live and selling what you do can bring out all kinds of fear. 'Who am I to do this?' 'Am I ready?' 'I don't feel comfortable talking about myself especially so early on in this business'

Expert business coach for women Nicky Raby will be talking about her journey to building a personal brand/business that aligns with her personality and skill set and her top 5 strategies for dealing with imposter syndrome.