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Are you like me and often feel a little time squeezed?

Perhaps you only have limited time to work (which may not be on the 9-5pm schedule) but need to still earn a healthy income.

Or maybe you are at capacity and want to scale your business without working more hours or suddenly charge a million pounds for your sessions.

I found the power of passive income in labour. Yes that's right. I had written my book in 2014 but in October 2015 when huffing and puffing I sold two books...that paid for my taxi to go to the hospital. No extra work or customer service was required from me (fortunately) the systems were in place and everything could run without me.

Perhaps your ideal clients can't afford to work with you hour upon hour...but don't worry that's ok. You can create huge value for them to  action in their own time.

In this webinar we will talk about: 

- The advantages of creating products/courses online

- How to know decide on a topic

- How to price it

- Technology that will be useful

- How to create it in a way that feels good to you

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