Dreaming and doing

Most of us are a beautiful combination of a dreamer and a doer...

Let me explain...

Dreaming monthly support Nicky Raby

the dreamers

You know what you want

You have a big vision for your life. 

You love to surround yourself with big thinkers who ‘get it’ and understand that you want to work and live on your terms. 

You want to feel inspired, valued and abundant. 

You want to earn well and if you could earn some of your income whilst you slept/did other things/played/sat silently(without kidlets!)


You have so many ideas, you feel stifled. 

You feel overhelmed because you have many ‘life’ and ‘business’ projects running simultaneously. 

You compare yourself to others.

You doubt whether you can actually do it and if all the hard work will be worth it. 

You need accountability. You set some big goals for yourself but sometimes they can get lost in the busy day to day stuff.


NIcky Raby doing


You are creative, innovative, professional and at excellent at what you do. 

You have a service or product based business (or a combination of the two). 

You love working remotely but also love collaborating. 

You want flexibility and creative direction so you can align your work and life. 

but sometimes: 

You get the fear. It is hard to know where to focus on. 

Working by yourself can feel isolating. You would love to be able to chat and brainstorm your ideas and come up with a solution. 

You need effective systems that will allow you to grow and expand your business but not increase stress levels. 

You would love to learn new strategies but without leaving your sofa…

You would like to hear from experts who can fast track the process for you so you can move quickly and use the limited available time you have. 


NIcky Raby

I am both a dreamer and a doer. 

I am an actor, coach, writer and speaker. I love having a portfolio career

I work remotely; either at home or at Century Club or a local cafe with excellent tea. 

I have a young son whom I adore. I want my work to work around him. 

I want to design my own life…not get irrationally excited at the prospect of a bank holiday. 


Despite being a life coach, I too feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed and doubtful. 

I want learn from others; to hear what works and what strategies I can apply in my own business. 

I want to share the brilliant tools I have collected over the years.

NIcky Raby

I know you want to do brilliant things in the world; to make an impact, to do things your way and truly excel.

I hear you, I want that too. I feel lucky that we are in a new phase of curating our businesses and lives.

Technology has opened up so many opportunities and I want to help you to utilise them all.


To your monthly support...

How does it work?

Every month you will receive oodles of resources to help you accelerate your business and life.

Videos, trainings and audios to help you gain clarity, set goals and remain accountable. 

Daily motivation and conversation in our Facebook group.

Guest experts giving expert advice in many areas of business and life including social media, website management, supporting your freelance career, money mindset, challenging limiting beliefs and boosting confidence, overcoming overwhelm and combining your passions. Designing your week on your terms | Remote working | Combining your skills and your interests. Creativity, time management, how to delegate, ways to stay sane(?!), productivity 

Exclusive discounts to workshops and 1:1 sessions with me



During February, our topic is money.



We kick off with a live workshop on February 1st at 10:30am. Plus two more throughout the month. 

Once you sign up you will get instant access to my 'Money module' to kick start a dramatic increase in your bank balance this month. 

This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme or how to build a 7 figure business overnight. This is about making a plan to help you charge well, feel valued and rewarded for your work. 

How to streamline your offerings to create value that your customers will love.

I will be sharing the power of passive income and how you can create brilliant systems that support your clients/customers without you having to be there.

I will be helping you to brainstorm your money strategy for 2018. Helping you to identify how you want to work, what you want to earn and what logistics you need to put in place. 

Terms and conditions: 

To join us, simply click above, create a Memberspace account and add your name and email. Once you have made the payment, you will receive full access to the resources and Facebook page. 

Monthly payments will reoccur on the same day each month. 

You can cancel at anytime. 

How will I know when new content has been released? 

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How do I access the content?

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