I love to work collaboratively and contribute and add value where I can. I am a creative thinker and love to co create interesting products.

Interview me:

I am always very happy to share my knowledge, a joke or some strategies with you and your audience. Please note my areas of expertise below- I have zero knowledge on sci fi or war films but happy to chat about what I do know :)

  • Sharing my coaching tool kit | How a life coach can help you: Goal setting | Limiting beliefs | Boosting confidence | Overcoming overwhelm | Combining your passions | Doing what you love

  • Working as a freelancer: Life as an entrepreneur | Designing your week on your terms | Remote working | Combining your skills and your interests 

  • Being multi passionate: I share my story on how to have a varied career- i.e I don't have one 9-5 corporate. I can share tips on how to get started | keep motivated | building your networking and how to hustle!

  • Being a working mama: The juggle of being a great parent vs enriching your own desires and remaining inspired. 

  • Actors and Creatives: Getting started | Ask me anything: agents/castings/rejection/getting your dream role 

    Write for you: 

I am happy to contribute to your publication/platform if there is alignment and a similar audience reach. Please note I always try to add a positive spin on things so although what I write may be thought provoking, I don't do gossipy/bitchy/moany. 


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