Featured on the Clementine App, talking about Imposter Syndrome

Recently I was interviewed on the Clementine App, all about one my favourite topics, Imposter Syndrome and how to dance with it. 

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Interviewed on Digital Bon Bons' podcast

What an honour this was. Not only is Maxine wonderful at what she does, she is also so lovely. Maxine wanted to talk about the power of no...one of my favourite topics.

In the beginning of the business, it can be so tempting to say yes. To be open to opportunities. To over deliver and to undercharge. I would love you to hop over to the podcast and have a little listen...

Published on The Style Edit

I am thrilled to announce my role as a contributing editor for The Style Edit...

Appearing on the Raising Women Podcast

As a long time listener, I was thrilled to be a guest on the Raising Women podcast.

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Published on The Early Hour // Nicky Raby

I was recently published on The Early Hour where I share my 8 ways to be more productive in the evening.

I used to be a morning person, however there have been MANY changes since having a baby!

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Published on Doing It For The Kids | Nicky Raby

Ah. Life as a freelancing parent. I thought I was busy before but then add a small, wriggling, jiggling, movin’, shakin’ baby to the mix and everything becomes amplified.

My partner and I are both freelancers. When life is easy breezy and smooth, this feels like the best thing in the world. We can both spend chunks of time with each other and our son; We can both earn, contribute and spend freely; We can do what we love. In those moments we have balance. We have equality. We have the solution nailed.

And then… we don’t. It takes just one last minute audition, a teething, non-napping baby, an unexpected filming job away from home or a delayed train to promptly take us from Smugsville, London, to the ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ motorway.

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Do you need a plan of action to help you figure out the magical world of parenting and freelancing. Find out more below: 

Interviewed on Prenderland Books

Recently I was interviewed on Prenderland Books. 

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