My Talk at Stylist Live 2018 | Nicky Raby

This is definitely one of my 2018 career highlights:

PODCAST: How to keep your inner Veruca Salt in check

The pressure, man! The unwritten rules of how you should feel or what you 'should' have achieved at a certain age. 
There are so many conversations around who is doing what; at what speed, in what way and we are seeing so much of it play out online. Don't forget though, we are not seeing all of it!

I know you want it now. Just like Veruca. Plus throw in a golden goose whilst you are at it. Sometimes the striving outwards, stops the celebrations now...what you are creating now. How far you've come. 
You've got plenty of time. It's all good.

PODCAST: Mini Episode Four 'How to create and manage multiple income streams'

This topic always welcomes lots of conversation. Whenever I share my own experience, there are always lots of questions. I am equally interested in how other people manoeuvre this freelance jive too.

Behind the scenes of my headshots | 6/6

6/6 and went for pink! I know- I wasn't sure either at first but I think it works. I know it will work 'in the box' which is the audition casting submission box as hopefully it will pop. Just a black vest in a photo makes me look like I had to urgently get dressed to answer the door or someone who had won a competition (not based on talent/physique) to star in Chicago on a 'make your dreams come true' type show.

You may notice a little hint of 🍉🍉I had stopped breast feeding a couple of weeks before so ideally would have waited a few weeks. But you know what, however long I arsed around, it was never going to be the right time. I could always find something to make me delay. Hopefully this little series will give you that shove to crack on; it may be upgrading your shots, videos, website, branding. It is never going to feel perfect. So take the pressure off, take the first step and do what you need to do

Behind the scenes of headshots | 3/6

Headshot 3/6

Nicky Raby

I have massive creative plans for this year. I know I have stuff to share/say/create and I need to get it out there. Ultimately I am a story teller in my writing and acting and I am determined to contribute to sharing stories that matter, evoke thought, invite conversation and create impact.

I'm not that into the artistry of one's eyebrows or the precision of a fake tan. When I worked with Jennie (Jennie Scott Photography), I had done a lot of planning in advance but also wanted to add a spontaneous edge to the day. I didn't think about putting these tops together but somehow they worked.

This is going to be a useful press shot. When I was thinking about the mood and intention I hopped, skipped and jumped to the future me... the casual 'oh yes, the new series. Yes I did act in it, yes. Oh the script, yes I wrote it. Plus it was such a pleasure to be one of the executive producers!'

Published on Motherland

I have been an avid reader for a while now.

Motherland hosts exactly the kind of content I need to read as mum. I don't necessarily want to read about favourite nappy rash creams.

I want to feel creative, to be inspired and to retrieve information that is going to move me forward.

Work with me personally, find out more below: