My Talk at Stylist Live 2018 | Nicky Raby

This is definitely one of my 2018 career highlights:

PODCAST: 'How to keep your inner Veruca Salt in check' Mini Episode Five

The pressure, man! The unwritten rules of how you should feel or what you 'should' have achieved at a certain age. 
There are so many conversations around who is doing what; at what speed, in what way and we are seeing so much of it play out online. Don't forget though, we are not seeing all of it!

I know you want it now. Just like Veruca. Plus throw in a golden goose whilst you are at it. Sometimes the striving outwards, stops the celebrations now...what you are creating now. How far you've come. 
You've got plenty of time. It's all good.

PODCAST: 'How to create and manage multiple income streams' Mini Episode Four

This topic always welcomes lots of conversation. Whenever I share my own experience, there are always lots of questions. I am equally interested in how other people manoeuvre this freelance jive too.

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I have been an avid reader for a while now.

Motherland hosts exactly the kind of content I need to read as mum. I don't necessarily want to read about favourite nappy rash creams.

I want to feel creative, to be inspired and to retrieve information that is going to move me forward.

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