PODCAST: An exercise to support you whenever you have a wobble aka the success timeline | Mini Episode Seventy Four

One of the reasons, I feel compelled to create content is to offer an alternative voice. 

When I first started my business, I was fascinated by 'how people created success'. I heard lots of the same things, a strong morning routine, a powerful network, consistently taking action, thinking positively. For a long time I looked outwards inside of inwards. I was seeking the latest hack, strategy and inside knowledge. I didn't realise that one of the most powerful thing could be to work on myself. 

Life is busy, we know this. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. 

I am two people's Mum, a partner, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a family member, a business owner etc etc. 

Sometimes life can be a lot. 2019 seems to have been a tough year for lots of people, certainly in my close circle of friends and family. 

It can be tough to just stick on a smile especially when you are not feeling it. 

Over the years I have had many wobbles; self doubt, near misses, frustrations, confidence dips, questions around 'Is the hard work really all worth it? 

PODCAST: How old injuries (not always physical ones) can sabotage your business progression | Mini Episode Forty

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Mini episode 40 Nicky Raby podcast old injuries

PODCAST: 'How to keep your inner Veruca Salt in check' Mini Episode Five

The pressure, man! The unwritten rules of how you should feel or what you 'should' have achieved at a certain age. 
There are so many conversations around who is doing what; at what speed, in what way and we are seeing so much of it play out online. Don't forget though, we are not seeing all of it!

I know you want it now. Just like Veruca. Plus throw in a golden goose whilst you are at it. Sometimes the striving outwards, stops the celebrations now...what you are creating now. How far you've come. 
You've got plenty of time. It's all good.

PODCAST: 'How to create and manage multiple income streams' Mini Episode Four

This topic always welcomes lots of conversation. Whenever I share my own experience, there are always lots of questions. I am equally interested in how other people manoeuvre this freelance jive too.

PODCAST: 'How to work with your Imposter Syndrome' Mini Episode Three

I recently collaborated with @digitalmums and co hosted with @jo.dale two workshops on #impostersyndrome It turns out everyone has it at some point but there are strategies you can use to work with it, rather than letting it take control and limit your progression; your opportunities, your bank balance, your version of success. Grab a piece of paper and a pen as there are lots of practical tools to help you in this episode.

PODCAST: 'How to build resilience after a slow month' Mini Episode Two | Nicky Raby

MINI EPISODE TWO is live... featuring all those less sexy terms about creating a brand/business... Self doubt
Building resilience 
Slow months 
Cash flow 
Asking for help 
As always this is shared with love and from experience...this is definitely not a telling off but we do need to talk about it. 

PODCAST: 'How to stop feeling stuck in your business' | Mini Episode One | Nicky Raby

Surprise...there is going to be a new regular Wednesday episode with me. Interviews on a Monday and Thursday will continue but I wanted to add some more ‘Grab a piece of paper and a pen’ type episodes into the mix. I know your time is limited and you may not have to read a whole book (but I will be beginning to write my second book soon) so I wanted to add some ‘thinkers’ out there so your business can progress even when you are cooking/driving/walking/staring gormlessly into space ...