Video interview series- do you want to share your story?

I am bringing it back. A few years ago I filmed some great interviews with personal brands and small businesses I really admired; Kelle Bryan, Lick, Esther from Tea Huggers, Miranda from Muddy Boots...the list goes on.

I love featuring women who are doing brilliant, great things over on my interview series blog but I want to take it one step further...

I was to delve a little more behind the scenes. I want to hear your story. Not just the highlights, don't worry it isn't going to Jeremy Kyle esque... and you will be in safe hands.

I want to hear from you if...

  • Are you a personal brand or small business who wants to share your story...

  • Do you have tips or strategies to share that may be inspiring/reassuring/ encouraging

  • Do you have some stories that may help my viewers move into action aka...'Well maybe if she can do it, so can I?'

The reason I will record it as a video not a podcast is that I want to get to know you. I am craving a little reality check at the moment- not just the glossy, polished brands. Plus I know how to operate the technology for video! :)

I have a few people lined up but I would love to hear from you. Please complete the form below telling me a bit about your brand and you.

This is not a 'Well you have only 3 followers' so I am not interested. (Big thanks to those publications and podcasts who worked with me when I had 3 followers)

Everyone is welcome. 

What I do require is:

  • 30- 45 mins of your time. 

  • You to have Skype and a quiet space

  • You to share the love across your social media platforms. 

  • A small commitment to my filming schedule. I will do my best to accommodate commitments and last minute changes but I am not keen on backwards and forwards emails and flakiness. 

Name *