Spending £600 on yoga

Yes I did. I knew I had to put some sweat into it. Literally. 

For the last 6 months I have entered a hot yoga room 2-3 times per week, 4 if I have been really lucky (but I think this has only happened once). 

After last summer I felt exhausted. Little sleep, lots of great work but still required a lot of headspace and a lairy toddler. I was approaching my first year of being a parent and it was real time of reflection. 

Firstly, wow. We survived. We are doing it. He's happy. He seems to like us and doesn't stop smiling. Hooray. 

Secondly what did we do before? How did we fill our time? I know exactly...

Thirdly. I need to start putting myself into the equation otherwise everything starts to get a little edgy... e.g 

(a)  If I don't get little pockets of time in the week where I feel creative/quiet/reflective/energised/free/in flow I get overwhelmed. I question everything. I doubt myself. I don't move forward.

(b) If I don't take care of myself...sleeping instead of working, grabbing something quick to eat instead of carefully selecting food that will fuel me or taking time to do stuff I love, I am grumpy. I can't think straight. I acquire a stutter. I get frustrated.

(c) If I don't take time to make myself feel good, I don't show up. I don't make the videos because I look tired. I don't do the live stream because I haven't been shopping and dislike everything in my wardrobe. I don't go to the networking events that could be game changing because I don't want to be 'seen'. All very bold to say I know, but hopefully I am safe hands. 

So I went all in. I signed up for the 6 month subscription. Each class went into the shared calendar (official!) and I went. It took time for me to get back into the swing. The first class back was just a case of staying in the room. But it got easier. My bones stopped aching. I got some core strength back. I can now sing in tune again- yep my balance was that off... 

I don't profess to be 100% happy with my body of course. It will continue to be a long work in progress. However I grew a human and fed him for 13 months and it is important to focus on all the wonderful things in my life and not get stuck in comparison. On a side note I have now learnt not to choose that mat where you can see yourself in 3 mirrors from all angles. That is just daft. 

Whatever age and stage you are at. You are doing brilliantly. However if you do need to throw some energy at a new change, drop me a message. All the details are here. I look forward to being in your shared calendar! :)