Why I don't want to work harder

The brilliant Kelle Bryan first introduced me to the term 'Work smarter, not harder' - one that has never been more prevalent since I became a mother. 

The truth is I have 'worked hard' all my life.

I pushed myself at school (always the first one to put my hand up to volunteer and generally tried to be a good egg) and did activities almost every night.

A Levels were a slightly different story as I discovered boys and booze (what a beautiful combination) which slightly distracted my focus. But in general 'working hard' is how I have rolled. 

Throughout my working life; I have done it all. Early mornings, late nights, night shifts, jobs I loved, jobs I hated, jobs that made me smell of crisps...yes I worked in a crisp factory before I moved to London. 

'Work hard and be kind' was always instilled in me from an early age. However I have come to realise this is a very subjective topic and that I don't want to work harder anymore.

Soooo what does this mean in reality:

  • I have big dreams and I want to fulfil them but on my terms and in a way that feels good.

  • I only want to focus on opportunities, collaborations and projects that I really want to do. When I do this (or stay in my zone of genius as per the book 'The Big Leap' everyone gains. 

  • I want to work on my terms. @motherpukka is amazing and her continued work for #flexappeal is bringing much needed awareness to the work place and encouraging oodles of conversations of 'Er welll maybe she could work 8am-4pm instead of 9am-5pm...we cooould just move the meeting forward' Boom!

  • I want to see my family. Yes of course, I could work every evening and get up at 4am buuuut what would I gain? 

  • I can work really efficiently these days...I have small windows of time and now I don't have time to mess about. (watching You Tube videos, scrolling ASOS, seeking out dream holiday destinations that I won't be going to for at least the next 5 years). 

  • I am tired. I haven't slept properly for 2 years and I am not a super woman. 

  • I want to grow our family. This is not going to encourage sleep. 

  • I don't want to make my token response to 'How are you?' to be 'Tired/busy/stressing/working hard'

  • There is a big, exciting world out there that I want to experience. When I live full out and concentrate on feeling good, the work I do flows better and I get more done in less time. Plus life is precious and short. 

  • I could go in a number of directions but I want to earn well for what I do (incidentally I said to my coach I wanted to earn more in the next five years than I have over the last 15 years... her response 'You don't need that long'). Growth requires my focus so I need to be super strategic. 

  • Fundamentally you don't get any prizes for 'working hard'. No gold stars, no certificates, no pats on the back. Ultimately you only reap the rewards when you get the results; more clients, visibility, money and success on your terms.

and finally.

I don't want to. That's it. That is what it comes down to.

I don't want to.

Sometimes everything can make logical sense on paper but if your gut instinct is saying something else. You have to listen it.

Like when I knew I didn't want to wear a Kappa tracksuit.

Like when I didn't want to go on an army assault course if though it would have been a good opportunity to snog boys.

Like the fact I know I don't really get sci fi.

Do you want to know how I do this and how you can great success on your terms? Find out more below.