I didn't anticipate the level of wiping

Hands, faces, floors, bottoms, furniture, random walls...it never stops. 
We are almost there. Three full, action packed weeks, just the two of us are coming to a close. There have been lots of lovely times but also it has been hardcore- running a business and being the primary parent...in the heat, with little sleep and high emotions.

But Matty is back tomorrow and things will resume and we will find our rhythm again. Single parents, I salute you and will continue to champion and support you always. 

We went to Guildford this week and stayed with my friend...who actually used to pay me...in my early 20s as I used to help out with her kidlets. I loved her then and she continues to be one of my favourites now. She has three children and at the time was receiving a diagnosis for her second child who has special needs and also lost a parent. Despite being all 'heeeeey I'm in my 20s' (which may have been a tad annoying' I understood how complex being a parent could be. 

However when I became a parent I still thought I should be doing all the things. I put enormous pressure on myself to 'have it all'. I now know I have time. Lots of it. I don't have to do everything at once. I can slowly build. I don't have to be like everyone else. Even though I fit the marketing avatar on Facebook of 'being a Mum in business' I don't have to have a photo shoot stepping onto a helicopter whilst my baba sleeps on a sheepskin in an all white show home. I never understand white leather sofas btw!

I want you to know this too. You can do your own thing. You don't have to follow the pack. You can do things your way. On your terms. That fit with your personality. 
Very grateful for the words and pictures of @doingitforthekids_ @the_early_hour@candicebrathwaite@makemotherhooddiverse@mothers.wellness.toolkit@steph_dontbuyherflowers @mumologistThat normalise these years and encourage me that we are all just figuring it out.