Where in your life are you playing small?

Some days we can feel as though we can take over the world and other day just leaving our cosy duvets can seem like a huge achievement. 

Many of my coaching clients come to me because they want to upgrade their life in some way- to start a new job, to begin a new chapter, to get more of what they want or simply go to the next level.

Sometimes the first part of the session is filled with the client being hard on themselves… "I haven’t done x", or  "I’m not where I thought I would be" or "I am not on track".

As their coach, my job is reassure- even with planning, sometimes life gets in the way and our best laid plans have a delay. The best solution is to simply acknowledge, notice what you notice and then move on. 

Unexpected circumstances can play havoc with our goal setting but more often than not, it is fear that is the obstacle. This can show up in the form of procrastination…"I’ll do it tomorrow, when it feels better". Or "I’ll just do the tasks I like"… because mainly we don’t know how to start the others. Or "I'll just continue as I am as my comfort zone is well, more comfortable".

However if we can bust through these obstacles the results we get are amazing. we surprise ourselves, we build momentum and get more of what we want.

So my challenge for you today is…Where are you playing small?

Here are 5 strategies to help you step into the next phase. 

1. Identify  

What areas are you playing small? Where in your life do you feel you are avoiding, procrastinating, ignoring or shying away? How do you know this is happening? What behaviour do you display? 

2. Why? 

Question why this is happening. Try not to judge yourself, simply answer the question.

A great exercise I use with my client is to ask them upon making a statement to ask themselves why. 

e.g. "I don’t need to make much money in my business. I just want to help people. Money just complicates things..."

Me: Why?

Client: Well I am going to create more work for myself

Me: Why? 

Client: Well, I am going to have to pay more tax and that makes things scary

Me: Why? 

Client: Well, I'm not very good at Maths...

Me: Why? How do you know? 

Client: Well, I was always rubbish at Maths at school and the other kids on my table used to laugh at me. 


Do you see the obstacle, Something that happened at school many years ago is getting in the way now. Try the why exercise for yourself

3. Easy wins today

Don't make hard work for yourself. Let's go for the easy wins first. It may be setting some new boundaries. Perhaps sending that email that you have been dreading. Or creating a list to work through so you can clearly see the tasks in front of you. 

4. Start with one thing

Don't wait until you feel like it. Just complete one task today. Be bold, be brave and celebrate in style once it is complete. 

5. It doesn't work try something else

Don't get stuck if you don't get an instant result. Ask someone who knows the answer, type the question into You Tube or simply ask yourself what your role model would do. 

I've come a long way...

I've come a long way...

Who is doing what you want to do?

Who is doing what you want to do?