What will people think of me making a change?

They will think lots of things. Some may share their feedback/opinion directly to you. Some will say things behind your back. Some of the comments will be not what you expect and may even feel a little hurtful. As such a pleaser, even typing this makes me feel a bit wriggly.

When I trained to be a business and life coach in 2012, I really had to stay focused. I got a lot of slightly passive aggressive 'Woah, you are not going to change my life whilst we are talking, are you?' Or 'It takes a lot of confidence for someone to assume they can solve other people's problems' Ouch.

Those are just two examples that were said to my face. When you make changes in your life you can become a trigger for other people. It makes other people reflect and look at their own lives. This can have a positive effect 'Well if she can do it, then maybe I can' or you may be presented with lots ugly comments that don't serve you in any way. If anything they make you doubt yourself.

As I mentioned on my Instagram stories if you are spending time with friends and family this week you don't have to share everything. 'Your business' is your business and I mean your actual business too. You don't have to justify what you are building unless you want to. Trust me there will be lots of interest when things start to grow and you are creating success 😉