What's missing for you?

I think we would all like a magic wand at some point. A quick wave of a wand and abracadabra our wish is granted!

However whenever I speak to clients and uncover what is going on for them, often a huge change isn't needed, it is simply a couple of pointed tweaks which are within close reach.  

Often once the easy wins have been identified, momentum builds quickly and the plan reveals itself. 

So what is missing for you? If you could write your wish list, what would you add? If you could have a little more of 'x' to make life a little easier... what would you like? 

Sometimes, we can be afraid of asking for what we really want. We can skirt around the issue. We can be vague with our requests and then get super grumpy when the request doesn't materialise.

Here are five strategies to help you move forward:

What would you like? 

Firstly I want you to identify what would you like? What struggles are you having? What would make things easier? Get specific. Write your wish list. 

What is taking up your time? 

Sometimes we can spend lots of time doing things we either dislike or feel obliged to do. One of my favourite books is 'The Big Leap' which discusses the concept of working in your zone of genius. As a freelancer, I spend quite a lot of time working in my home office. In order for me to remain productive and creative, I like to work in a positive, clean and effective environment. However I used to find the daily chores a distraction to my days- I would find myself cleaning my kitchen in the middle of the day or whizzing through a pile of ironing after a client call. Now we have an amazing cleaner who comes once a week and completes most of the cleaning and it has changed my 'work from home' days. By just focusing on my 'zone of genius' I am now so much more productive. 

Start to list your daily actions and figure out where your time is taken. 

Easy wins? 

Sometimes we can overcomplicate things and put blocks or obstacles in the way. However I am all about easy wins. What is the first step you need to take? How can you change or tweak things now? Start to create some options. It could be an email to say no. Or drawing a line under a worry that is going around in your head. Or getting up half an hour earlier a couple of times per week to give yourself a little more 'me time'. Complete a brain storm of ideas that could make all the difference. 

Let go of any guilt or resistance

It is ok to be happy. It is ok to be unavailable sometimes. It is ok to put your needs before others. When you complete your brainstorm, don't limit yourself and be willing to try alternatives. 

Make a plan and implement

Don't wait. Take action now. It can be tempting to wait until we have enough time, resources and money, however figure out what you can do now. Create your to do list for the month or week ahead and get cracking.