Creating a vision board / goal setting

I am a huge fan of goal settling but wanted to take them to another level this year. I started to visualise what it is I want to achieve and then source pictures to represent the vision.

As the year has gone on I have started to collate more ideas.  Extracts from the paper, scraps of magazines, inspirational quotes- my book is already looking quite full.

When I think about what I would like to achieve I am able (if I concentrate and don’t multi task!) to really build up a clear picture. I start to step into the goal and bring it closer to me- it quickly seems more achievable. Once I know where I am headed I have started to source the exact picture from Google images, print it and stick it in my book.

Some may argue scrap booking is for kidlets (I still have my cuttings from Smash Hits in the attic!) however it is definitely a resource we can use in our adult hood and keep us on track for the rest of the year. I know when I am feeling unmotivated and uninspired it is a quick boost to get me back on track.

Here are 5 ideas you may find useful.

1)   Buy a book. Choose carefully and wisely. I would recommend that it is atheistically pleasing to you- you will then be more likely to use and utilize it.

2)   Categorize it into specific areas of your life. It may be ideas for a house, a new job you would like, a trip you re planning or a new financial plan.

3)   Start to add pictures. The key here is to only put pictures in you feel connected to and create the exact vision. So don’t put a picture of an old car in there, if you have a specific goal of buying a particular make, colour and style.  Keep getting specific.

4)   Declutter. Notice your surroundings and what you look at everyday. Increase you awareness and notice the small details around you and don’t be afraid to move things around- it can be very therapeutic.

5)   Keep referring back to your book. Keep adding, editing and noticing your progress. I am pleased to say there are elements I have already achieved for this year. However there are parts that are now no relevant so keep designing and editing so it works for you.